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Ecademy – Exclusive business networking

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Business is a very large and vibrant part of all communities and besides government employees, all other working people are employed by a company. This is true both online and with bricks and mortar businesses. And it is interesting to note that the largest number of people is employed in the small to medium size business sector, the SME (Small Medium Enterprise). The success of the small and medium businesses comes down to the creative ways in which these businesses solve problems and the hands on controls the proprietors use to get the most out their businesses focus on client needs. And in no small way, the relationships between key people in these businesses to the other key people in the supplier and customer organizations are often found to be critical in finding new markets, new technologies and new solutions to old problems.

Ecademy is a networking organization designed and built around providing the social networking platform online for business people and professionals to network, interact and to build trust based friendships which lead to mutually beneficial and the rewarding cross pollination of ideas. Claiming more than five hundred thousand members have joined over its fourteen year history; Ecademy prides itself on having built a tight community of focused entrepreneurial people determined to proactively network. In many business markets, only though networking can the businesses survive and prosper. Indeed, many a business owner cannot envisage any kind of business model that doesn’t involve extensive networking among peers. And this belief has always been fostered on the boards of management of all publicly listed companies, where the board members are all recognized as being members of the club, or the boys club of like minded people. Traditionally these networks have been fostered and developed at schools and Universities, where people and their parents aspire to get their kids into the best schools simply so that they become members of the best boys clubs for career advancement later in life. That is, the best school education is not the main focus; rather getting into the best people networks has always been the name of the game.

Ecademy is Free to Join to Explore

Yet many people never got such opportunities to formulate their people networks at a tier one Ivy League school, and historically before the Internet, most people at community and local levels tended to join organizations like Rotary and the Lions Club to get them self known and respected for their contribution, and to gain new business. Now with the world conducting ever more of its business online, and with it being very common for markets to now transcend national boundaries, Ecademy has sought to create the online platform for people to network. Hence its motto of “Get Known, Get Insights, Get Connected” which is very much the essence of what Ecademy is all about. Being a social network in its own right, Ecademy also encourages members to grow their online presence with other power houses of social networking, including the effective use of Twitter and FaceBook. By using Ecademy to teach member s how to master using FaceBook and Twitter to create an audience and to engage with that audience, Ecademy is about raising the professional marketing efforts of its membership.

Linked in is also in the same general space; though linked in is more about posing with how many people are linked to your profile and it has a mostly United States focus and membership. Ecademy on the other hand is more United kingdom focused, especially with its most expensive memberships which are built around members meeting offline as much as online, and that aspect of offline meetings is only available in London. Ecademy is free to join, but this level has strict quotas on monthly messaging (maximum of ten messages a month), and so it sufficient to create an account, and get a feel for what Ecademy is like and to build a profile; but beyond that a free membership has limited appeal. At the paid membership levels, members can flex their muscle by engaging more attentively in user groups and discussions which all helps to garner a reputation and more contacts; that being why the Ecademy web site exists in the first place.

Ecademy’s Digital School to Educate Bricks and Mortar Business Owners About Online Networking

So, the bottom line is that Ecademy is all about power network for people understand the importance of networking for their business or profession. And it has a primary focus on not just its own membership interacting with each other. Rather it seeks to broaden and develop the skills base of members so that they do become better at networking in other online places. When members of Ecademy learn how Twitter works, and they soon grow a Twitter follow for their niche or industry, tweeting then becomes a cost effective way for the Ecademy member to broadcast to his Twitter followers engaging them in prospective new business and at the very least staying current and fresh in their minds.

In that sense, it is perhaps best to describe Ecademy as a networking web site for business people to help each other to become more effective at business networking by using the social networks. Hence Ecademy will often talk about the Ecademy philosophy of being “Know Me, utilizing social media to be visible and understood; Like Me, engaging others on social media to be part of the conversation; and Follow Me, serving and supporting your social media followers to maintain their focus and attention”.

To this end, the founder of Ecademy has launched the Ecademy Digital School which is all about bringing bricks and mortar business owners up to date with current technologies and trends with online commerce. Upon first visiting the web site, it is clear that visitors are pushing and prodded into joining the site even though there are not so many obviously tangible benefits in doing so. But given joining is free, there is nothing lost or at risk in doing so.