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Email large files with DropSend

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Drop send is a really cool service that is special for its ability to help you send massive files up to 2 gigabytes in size quickly and efficiently.

Back in the day when the Internet first went mass market, professionals such as graphic designers and engineers all thought their file sending needs would be answered with email. But that reality never eventuated, simply because the native email protocol had inherent limits built into it. That is, with the Simple Mail Transmit Protocol (also known as SMTP like mused with Outlook and Outlook Express), that protocol breaks the message up into small pieces and tries to fit them back together at the other end. But it often gets confused and has to resend them, and if the connection is too slow and or the message is too large, then it gets so confused it crashes. This set an effective upper limit of about 2 megabytes back in the dial up modem days. And this limit was never greatly better for HTML web based email systems like Hotmail, and even today Yahoo Mail and Hotmail have 20 megabyte limits hard set on their systems.

So the old days of having to burn a CD with very large files which then had to be couriered to those who needed them still existed, causing much frustration, delay and cost even when broadband Internet came to be. The more technology literate people did find some work-a-rounds like using FTP (File Transfer protocol, but these solutions needed authority at the web server end of businesses, which could deadly power if the account login fell into the wrong hands. If FTP could be used, then larger files could be handled, and when the file transfer got confused, or the Internet connection got interrupted, then no great problems because the FTP program would automatically restart where it dropped out or got confused – so we all hoped.
Many Solutions All In One with DropSend

DropSend has solved all these issues and stresses. You are able to upload the file to their server, and send the recipient an email with the download link to where it is stored. It is a fully integrated service, where to use the service, you are basically using DrtopSend to write the email you attach the file from your computer to this email and then you click send. In fact the large file gets uploaded to the DropSend server and the email goes to who you want the file. The person you are sending the massive file to doesn’t even need an account with DropSend – though I am sure they will soon want one.

The DropSend system all has excellent reporting systems – for example, when you’ve sent something it appears in your sent items folder in your web account with them. In fact everything appears like a web based email system so it will be very easy and familiar with you to use. Of extra help for you is that you’ll be able to send when your file has been collected by the other party.

When other account holders send something to you, it appears in your account’s Inbox and you can download it or move it into your online storage with DropSend for later use. This brings up the other great value of DropSend as off-site back up storage. It is always smart and wise to back up your files in case of computer crash. Sure you can usually reinstall program files, but data files are very hard to replace. Storing burned DVDs or CDs on site raises concerns in the event of fire. And they present entire security problems in case other unauthorized people access them or copy them when you are not looking. Problem solved with your DropSend account because you are backing them up off and away from your site, under the lock and key of your password for access later as and when you need them. In fact not only is this a great backup solution, it makes sending them to authorized people later quick and easy to do.

Some projects can be painful with email where we have to attach each file one at a time. Even if we didn’t have a size limit, that is still so annoying when to upload an entire folder is what we want to do. DropSend have been thoughtful enough to provide a application for this – where you actually can upload the contents of a whole folder rather than one file at a time.

Signing Up to DropSend is Easy

DropSend is free for up to 2 gigabyte maximum file size support per month and for sending up to 5 files per month, but no storage allowance – and that is fine to give you a taste of what it is all about. To get more out of the service, the next option is only $5 a month which empowers you to send 15 files a month, gets you one gigabyte of storage space too and gets you faster transfers too.

The next package is called the Standard, which gets you the same 2 gigabyte maximum file size, 45 files sent a month, 10gigs of online file storage and of course the faster file transfer speed – all for $9 a month.
Up the totem pole we go for 25gig of file storage, unlimited sending and detailed tracking for $19 a month, all the way through to the business package where you can have 100 users, 500Gig of storage, unlimited message sending, 256 bit encrypted security, unlimited downloads and all the bells and whistles.

With all online services it always makes sense to sign up for the free account trial first to be doubly sure it really is what you need and that the quality of service is what you expect. But if you are in the business of needing to send large files, be they video, massive images or engineering drawings then you’ll need look no further than DropSend for your needs.