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Doyoubuzz – The Next Generation Online Resume

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Put your hand up if the whole subject of your resume creates a sense of dread when you think about it. I know I do, and I avoid updating mine like the plague. But then I came across the new generation of building my resume in such a way that it stands out like no other resume does. The online service is called Doyoubuzz, and it is an impressive line up of “how to get you notice” tools and strategies.

A little known fact is that 77% of prospective employers will Google you to check you out and what is known about you, and to find any hidden skeletons you may have but do not want anyone to learn about. Not knowing that beforehand, it goes without saying that most people haven’t made sure that only good news will be found out, out there in the wild. And if there is any bad news – what can be done about that? Surprising, quite a lot can be done to push bad news off of the first page of Google’s search results.

It all begins by developing what you do want found – your most professional resume presentation which in today’s day and age you want to be a multi-media “wow” factor thing. And when that has been achieved, then you want to promote in the search engines to get all your “wow” pushed to the top of the search results pages. And this is where Doyoubuzz comes into its own to guide you through the process of maximizing your Internet presence.

Doyoubuzz is all about guiding you though the processes of dotting your “I’s” and crossing your “t’s” so that not only is your resume exactly the stand out style that attracts high paying employers to make you an offer, your online resume also gets pushed to the top of the search engines.

How Does Doyoubuzz Get Me to Appear High Up In Search Engines?

What most people don’t appreciate is that there is a science to how search engines decide what appears high up in the search results pages – all search engines use a formula of weightings to decide what the most relevant answer is. And Doyoubuzz knows how to maximize this to your advantage. One of the most important things is to make sure there are many links to your resume. In this sense, you can use the analogy of a politician seeking election by getting as many votes as possible to prove he is most popular. The Internet and search engines are much the same – they measure how many links (or votes) others have cast in your direction to determine if your resume is the most popular answer to a search based on your name.

By following through on the very detailed check list laid out for you by Doyoubuzz, you will be making sure that you have all the bases covered. They’ll be making sure that you have set up your free “Linked In” account, and that it points to your resume. That you will also have completed your profile on many others sites such as Viadeo. All of these other profiles when linked to your Doyoubuzz resume will boost the position of your resume in the search engines. Interestingly, this also puts some pressure on potential employers, because when they see how organized and professional your Internet presence is, this high visibility tells them you won’t be available in the market for very long. And it confirms for them that you are very technology and Internet aware – perhaps not guru or movie star proportions but I think you get my meaning. The best don’t get left on the shelf for very long, and so they are moved to being more attentive with you, and under some pressure to act quickly to secure your expertise for themselves.

HR_XML and Other Great Value With Doyoubuzz

To those of you who have no idea what HR XML is, it is a special type of web site coding that many companies use for their recruitment pages on their web site. When you apply to one of these companies, all you need to do is enter your own HR XML link provided to you by Doyoubuzz and it will automatically complete all the resume items for that company. That is, the Doyoubuzz web site knows how to tell the employer web site everything they need to know and have asked for, and in the correct format. Now that is slick, fast and efficient t and leaves no room for errors.

Another feature of Doyoubuzz that I’m sure you will love is the statistical analysis that comes with your account. That is, you’ll be able to see how many page views your resume has received and how many times you8r resume has been downloaded. This is all available in the free and premium account packages. You can take all this one step further with the Premium accounts by linking your resume into Goggle’s Analytics which will enable you to see exactly what each visitor to your resume did, which pages they read, how long they spent reading them what part of the world they were in when they read it and many other useful pieces of information.
Incorporating video presentation into your resume will help you stand out significantly too. It is a way to get yourself an interview to resent your best case before you are even at the resume stages. And also related to the value of taking your resume the multi-media route is that the search engines value video content very highly. That is, when you have your video published online, the engines will give the content a higher page ranking in their index, thus pushing you further to the top of the first page results. This of course will have the effect of pushing any bad news off of the first page too.

Maximizing your resume needs and efforts has never been easier since Doyoubuzz. I am not saying it will all be easy – there is always a lot of work in them. But the results will be vastly more certain.