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Doreserve – Online Scheduling Solution

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Doreserve is all about being an online solution to an age old problem of scheduling. With this system, you are easily able to allow others with access to your account to set up and schedule meeting time and services with you such that both ends to every event have access to editing the timing and agenda for whatever is to be happening. Rather than both people having to be available during a phone call to set something up, one can invite the other, and while they are busy on other things, the invited one can confirm or adjust the time, date etc of this event. Being online, both sides and or all sides if there is more than just two involved can “massage” the event or meeting so that everyone’s needs are met.

This online scheduler tool can be a huge productivity boost and also do tremendous things for your sales result. And with Doreserve, they have an array of Content Management System interfaces you can choose from to most exactly suit your style of operation. And the entire schedule can be updated by SMS text messaging.
After you have created your account – which is free for the first 30 days, you enter into it your working days and times so that others can be sure to book meeting with you during these hours of availability. It enables you also to enter company information that is perhaps akin how companies use subliminal sales messages while on hold in the company. That is, it is common for users to list the smart ways to book matters into the schedule, including reminders of what to bring and how to best prepare for it.

Related to this is a map of where the meeting will take place, so that people can print it off to being with them for the taxi ride. All participants for the meeting are listed, and it is always smart to suggest the agenda for the meeting, which helps to make sure everyone knows what they are to present, what they are to bring along, and what everyone’s role is going to be.

It’s All Very Easy To Set Up and Use Doreserve

It simply gets people organized in a transparent way so that everyone is prepared and aware. It not only saves great amounts of time, it demonstrates professionalism and competence. Attendees always tend to rise to the occasion because the system of Doreserve causes it. And as you would expect, it is fully accessible by your smartphone or iPhone. And so it won’t matter if you are on the road, if someone schedules a meeting with you, you’ll get a text message about the new appointment details, and you are able to confirm or modify that arrangement while the schedule has only been newly created.

There is nothing you need to install – it is all web site based. You can either add a link in your website for clients to use when they set up an appointment with you. Or if you don’t have a corporate site, you can get them to access the Doreserve web site to achieve the same result. It goes without saying, but I’ll mention it anyway – all your appointment data is safe and secure, is never sold or relayed to third parties under any circumstances. You can of course export the data of your appointment history and schedule yourself to Google docs and to your calendar.

It is wise to begin by using the 30 days free trial before committing to the fully paid service. However, because the SMS text reminder service is an integral part of the system, you will have to pay for the real cost of these text messages – Doreserve don’t cover their out of pocket expenses on these. After that free 30 days has expired, you can then commit to your choice of paid plan, depending on what level of appointment setting you envisage, and how many additional plugin extras you may wish to subscribe to.

Payment Options After the Free 30 Days Trial

For example, you may have extra fields of information you wish to be added at the appointment creation stage, or questions your want the potential customer to answer before the meeting to qualify themselves more. This can be important to ensure you have everything at the meeting that you require to fully meet their needs. And the subscription level you choose maybe be related to you getting the “white label” version, which gives you the right to brand the service as your own with logos and other information to give the appearance it is a fully in house system.

It is interesting that they payment options not only include the usual credit cards and Paypal, but the pricing structure is can be quoted to you in in Euros, United Kingdom Pounds and US dollars so that there is no confusion about how much you are paying – with the most expensive service only being $29 US per month. For the non-technical person, there are a range of extra services available for low nominal fees to get you all fully set up without any fuss.

Once set up, it is simply a matter of you logging in via your admin page to set your availability in your calendar which you can change at any time. Your potential clients click on a link in your web site home page to access your calendar to enter when the meeting will suit them best, and you get the SMS text message that they have done so. You can also set up a reminder schedule so that they will get a text message at say 30 minutes prior to the meeting time, or an hour before if that suits you.

The system works extremely well with broadcast email campaigns where perhaps you advise you will be in their country or neck of the woods between certain dates that you’ve also entered into your calendar. The mail recipients then get to exercise their option on when to receive you for the face to face sit down meeting.