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Sharing Travel Experience with Dopplr

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We all love to travel; well I’ve certainly never met anyone who doesn’t. One of the great things about travel is sharing the experience with our friends and family, and Dopplr makes this all the more easy to do before, during and after the event. It is all about helping out smart travellers travel smarter.

It works by allowing you to invite into your travel plans the people you trust to share in your journey, plans and experiences along the way. Along the lines of the “six degrees of separation”, where it is said that we all know every person on Earth by our connections through no more than six levels of people who know people, Dopplr can show you the coincidences that often happen with your travels.

For example, without you knowing it in any other way, you may find that your paths are crossing in an exotic city with old friends at the same time. This is especially true with the back packing community who often stay on the road for years at a time, frequently crossing from one country to the next and back again as they explore the world. And without even knowing it, your paths may be about to cross again with friends you made a few months or even years ago.

And with many thousands of people using the service, the wealth of intelligence that is built up other the years is available to share by other members. This can include the must see places, great places to get your value shopping down, bargain accommodation deals and the best local cuisines to enjoy. Also of interest will be the things that can cause us to be cautious and risks to avoid. Visa considerations and services are also very important local knowledge matters too. We all know that some parts of the world are safer or more dangerous than others. Some are more honest than others, and some cultures don’t appreciate Americans at all. Collectively this all amounts to what can be lifesaving information to know.

Use Dopplr to build Your Social Atlas

With Dopplr, you can develop your own “Social Atlas” where you load up all your travel plans and points of interest seen already. You can even update your Atlas by SMS, email or on Twitter; such is the way it is all integrated on the web now. Oh, and you can link your Dopplr account with your online calendar so as to map out your itinerary. While all ages and generations travel, the younger generations tend to be more mobile, tend to get off the beaten path more deeply, and all of this can cause the older generations to worry unnecessarily. So, it can help your mom or dad to worry less when they can see you regularly updating your account and calendar with your continuing progress and travel reports coming in steadily.

The whole idea is to share in the goal of everyone building up a collective knowledge and wisdom about the places they see and visit. And with your own account, you still can maintain alkl your privacy by only allowing those you invite inside your travels to know the intimate details of what you have seen and enjoyed.
Like much of the Internet these days, the web is more and more available on smartphones and iPhones and the wireless networks that support these technologies is becoming ever more readily available. So this means that you’ll easily find many times in your day where you can update people or your Dopplr account from your phone while sitting and enjoying some exotic part of the world, or with nothing to do on a bus going somewhere too slowly.

Staying In The Loop While Staying On The Road With Dopplr

So Dopplr has the best of both worlds. You can contribute your experience for other travellers to benefit from by commenting on the places you experienced – just as you can check out what others have done before you get to locations. And you can also maintain privacy and security over the detail of your exact and intimate travel arrangements by only sharing those details with the people you trust. That is, you may tell the world you are going to be in Tokyo on a certain date range, but you may not tell the whole world which hotel you are going to stay at – it is really all up to you to choose.

Your address book of course will be private, but Dopplr will inform you when other members in your address book are going to be in the same city or country at the same time. At the very least, you will be kept apprised of the great places and things to see and do when you hit up a new city.

All in all, it is hard to imagine travelling as a back packer without using the Dopplr service. It has so much upside and no risk at all when it guides you into keeping a travel log. Whether you are the grey set travelling around America by caravan trailer for a few years, or young pack packers hitting up Europe, Asia or Australia for many months at a time, we all tend to bump into the same people several times just as we tend to make lifelong friendships in the process. Dopplr helps to facilitate our communication with others, letting them know where we are (if we want them to know) and where they are too.

By this means, you can plan when to meet up again with other friends you’ve made on the road. Or you can rearrange your dates to avoid someone you don’t really want to meet up with again when you see where their plans were to coincide with your own. Dopplr is a service that promises only to get better and better as the years pass, and the collective wisdom of all travellers expands the known wisdom of all types of adventurers and tourists alike.