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Doof – amazing source for online games

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Doof is an amazing source for online games with over 10,000 titles of them in their collection.
Every category of game is covered. This includes games of skill; others used for dress up, of course the whole suite of internet games including shooting and adventure games are included and escape games. Word games are covered as are strategy games. There is no shortage of action games. And driving games are very popular. Puzzle games are long since known to be great for stimulating the development of intelligence in teens. Maybe RPG or racing games are what interest you.

While 30 years ago, there was some concern that game playing created a mindless zombie mind set in kids, more recently they have been shown to stimulate and develop the imagination, intelligence and speed of reflexes of these same kids. That is, playing games are now seen as a healthy way to engage children in ways the develop them to be the best they can be. In this sense, Doof can be viewed as a very positive experience for the kids and adults a alike who enjoy playing them.

Especially because they are all free of charge, there is no down side for getting involved with online games. And when the whole family gets involved and plays, there is a lot of fun to be had and a great deal of bonding and friendly rivalry going on. Kids just love to beat up their folks in games, if they are given the chance.
As you would expect, all the classic and board games, sport and defense games are fully represented. In fact if you can think of a game, you will almost certainly find several that fall under that category. For example, when I search for “pinball”, I see there are 24 pinball games to choose from – all of which are significantly different from each other.

The Doof web site has been set up to allow chat sessions and chat rooms between members as well as the ability to comment on games as they see fit and a forum to discuss anything about the games they enjoy or even have problems with. Doof is able to keep the games free for users by screening advertising before each game loads up ready to play.

The thing about Doof that is so great is the versatility or the sheer range of games that are available. The only downside is that it could take you an hour or more just to scan through the wide choice of games to find the one you are interested in. Most of the games use “Flash” scripting to give you a super-fast interactive experience with your game of choice.

Build Your Own Online Games Portal With Doof

One really part of the doof web site is that you can pick a game of your choosing and embed it into your own web site or blog. In this way, you can build up your own community on your own site where you can interact with all the users you build up friendships and connection with. All you need to do is click on the “embed this game”

There’s no need to get confused by this programming language. It is basically HTML coding language, and all you have to do is copy and paste it to your web page or blog. It then of course makes sense to add your own text content to your page to explain what the game is about, the aim of it and how to use keyboard short cuts to play it.

This embedding of the code into your or someone else’s web site is a very exciting part of the whole experience. Imagine that there are thousands of people, each choosing the game they like and all building their own blog or web site around their favorite game; this has a multiplier effect on the Internet. The games are no longer lost on one site with 10,000 games, and each takes on its own life with a close knit community bonding over the particular qualities of the individual game.

So why not get involved this way? Find the game you enjoy most of all. Build your own web site – it won’t matter how simplistic it is. Embed the code as I have shown you above how to do. And then invite your friends to come and visit your site and to play the game with you. You will be surprised how quickly you are able to build up a following for the game. The visitor numbers to your game site will grow through word of mouth, and you may wish to grow the site to be a mini portal of several or many games. Perhaps you can even monetize the site when you visitor numbers are sufficiently high enough by also embedding relevant advertising.

Why Does Doof Want to Help You Build Your Own Game Site?

Why would Doof allow you to do this? Simply because if you read the code carefully, you can see that they are getting a link from your site back to their own, which helps them out with the search engine optimization and helps to grow the overall awareness about their mega parent site.

While all the 10,000 plus games are free to play, you may see some commercial opportunity that you want to explore with the owners of Doof. By all means visit their web site to open lines of communication with the proprietors to discuss the licensing obligations if any that would apply. Certainly you don’t need to get a license from them to embed the code in your web site. It would generally need to only be considered if you were to begin charging for a service access to the game you favor.

I have never had any troubles running any of the games, however they do publish a support email address should you ever have a problem.