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Doodle: online scheduling for everyone.

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Doodle is a no nonsense web site that makes it quick and efficient to schedule meetings between any number of people. Used by more than ten million users each month to set meeting times and places, it is proving to be an excellent productivity tool for small and large businesses alike. It is really cool how it takes the chaos out of trying to find the time and places that suits everyone and saves you a lot of time and energy to get it done. It is totally free, and Doodle doesn’t even need you to register with them in order to use it.

Of course it makes sense to register so that you can use the full power of Doodle, for example where it will link in with your calendar system. This is very cool because from your calendar, you can cause the people you want at meetings to be automatically contacted, allowing them to confirm they will be attending as you wish. It opens up to other people your calendar for them to schedule meetings with you without having to waste everyone’s time with making phone calls etc. Changes made in the calendar are then communicated to all people affected by email – so everyone is always kept in the loop on the when, where, why and how; including the agenda and what to bring to the meeting. It fully integrates with the Outlook, Lotus and Google calendar systems seamlessly.

It is a simple matter in which ever calendar system you are working with to block out those times you are not available and those which you are. That is, there is no point in allowing others to set meetings with you when you already know you will be away from the office. Others you wish a meeting with are quickly able to see your availability, and they then can nominate one or two meeting times for you to confirm later. When you have confirmed the meeting, the other parties are advised of the final arrangements.

Do You Really Need a Secretary When You Have Doodle?

Both your secretary can use this Doodle tool on your behalf, alternatively you maybe not need a secretary at all, given how simple it is to get organized and stay organized in your professional life. And the fact is that most executives that have secretaries do so for the explicit purpose of scheduling meetings when they are already busy in meetings. But with Doodle, this is not necessary – as meetings can be scheduled by the people when the executive is already engaged.

Another cool function is that it empowers you to set up and run polls and enables others to vote as they see fit in a secure way that protects the integrity of the vote from manipulation. This means that within minutes you can set up a new poll, and Doodle will email your Outlook address book to get them to vote accordingly. You can have a lot of fun in the office with this, as well as use it for purely business purposes.

The Premium levels of membership of course will with much extra fruit. This extends to being able to use your smartphone or iPhone devices to set and or modify meeting schedules while on the run which is becoming all important to the busy business executive these days. We are all highly mobile, and in the highly competitive world, we cannot afford to be disconnected or offline in any way.

Premium Services at Doodle

And so after you have proven the usefulness of Doodle with your free service, it will make great sense to subscribe to the paid versions at either the Solo, Business or Enterprise levels where there is no advertising and unlimited transactions available each month. Indeed, it also makes sense to take advantage of the one month free trial offer of the Premium level service offerings to be sure you subscribing to the level most productive to your business needs.

From the Business level up, you gain full branding control over your Doodle service, so that to outsiders it all appears to be an internal part of your corporate structure and culture. Suitable for up to 1,000 users, it has more advanced encryption of the scheduling and polling functions so as to protect the integrity of the users and their movements. It is all flat rates charging, the price you pay depends on how many users are included in the subscription and it ranges from $159 per year for 5 users, up to $2,499 for up to 1,000 users. The entry level single user price for the3 Premium services is only $39 per year.

To get the most out of Doodle, it is important that your calendar system is a viable part of your professional life. And if it is not already being used by you actively every day, then you probably have very important reasons to reconsider how you are working and managing your time and schedules each day. In today’s day and age of intense competitiveness, only the most organized and time managed people can hope to survive the corporate culture and to grow to more important roles.

If you are aspiring to the executive level in your company, then it is imperative that you not only get organized, but also that you are seen to be organized. And in this sense, Doodle is the perfect way to prove that you are savvy with all the technology tools in use today. iPhones, smartphone devices all integrated with your calendar system are all seen as entry level proof that you are a viable and efficient member of the corporate team. So it is important that you invest in your own productivity tools. When others including line supervisors and managers observe that you are a very busy person, yet are always fully in control of your busy schedule, this leads them to have the necessary confidence in you rising within the organization. Doodle is very easy to learn, and yet it can make a big difference to the way others see you.