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Donor Tools: online donor management software

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An Introduction to Donor Tools

Donor Tools is an interesting web site which helps you to grow, manage and run all manner of donation management for your organization. This can be especially important with the sudden occurrence of a natural disaster where time is of the essence with the collection of funds for immediate deployment to those urgently in need of assistance. At such times, often there is much confusion everywhere, with no one knowing how to contribute even though they are of a mind to jump to the aid of those people most in need. And Donor Tools is a full suite of the applications that enables the professional organization of resources quickly and efficiently.
This suite of tools fully integrates with auto-responder email services, Paypal as well as accounting packages with all the expected audit trails in place. And let’s face it, more than the efficient collection of funds, doing so must be carefully accounted for so that there can be no hint of impropriety. Accountability and credibility are everything in your project’s success, and so you need to be able to interrogate the system for what you did, when you did it and why it was done. This enables you to protect yourself fully when it comes to proving your diligence with the donations collected.

Donor Tools has Incredible Reporting Functions

One of the great things about Donor reports is the extensive reporting functions that are part of it all. This means being able to understand all the funding sources, as well as where the funds were directed and why. Most of such transactions are time sensitive, and so it is imperative that you be able to analyze the timing of money movements – all of which is possible with the Donor reports functions.

Making a pledge of funds is one thing. Collecting it is another. And so effective donor management requires follow up contact in a cost effective way to make sure the money really does come in. In addition, when donors have already given one time – it is reasonable and conceivable that reaching out to them again for additional support will be highly successful. In any event, effective donor management demands that you regularly update your donors with progress reports with what has been done with the funds committed.

Maximizing donor support can mean seeking the assistance from the current donor list with the contact details of other potential donors they know of so that you can reach out to this expanded list with broadcast email strategies. That is, referral donor acquisition can be highly successful – when you have the tools available at your fingertips; such as is available with Donor Tools.

Indeed, Donor Tools is so advanced that donors are able to log in to their account history to service their own needs for reporting information about their donation history, updating contact details, making additional donations and to print receipts for tax return purposes etc.

One of the special features of Donor tools is the ease with which data can be entered. Not only is it all very intuitive, the natural flow of the cursor and page layout almost come alive so as to process repetitive entries quickly and efficiently. This means that large volumes of transactions can be entered with a minimum of error rates – because we all know that garbage in; garbage out is unacceptable. Only correct, accurate and valid data can be allowed.

Getting the Money Coming In and Knowing Where it is going With Donor Tools

Fund raising pages need to be published quickly and Donor tools comes with default layout pages that only need simple content editing before going live. That is, these default fund raising pages are already fully integrated into the systems suite of functions. With the larger multi-purpose charities, this can be a vital use of resources. When a new disaster strikes and new project is launched, the collection page can be up and published within minutes thus enabling donors to be able direct their funds to the issue they are most moved by. This is essential because some people are more moved by investing their donation dollars in development projects, whereas other people are more moved by sudden disasters.

And this all dovetails neatly into separation of where funds have come from and where they are to go. That is, there are always maintained the intentions of the donors and funds are segregated into the different projects as nominated by the donor.

At the heart of Donor Tools is the database of information about all aspects of the donors, their intentions and their donations. Integrating this database with MailChimp, it becomes very simple, low cost and highly efficient to reach out to your donor membership. This is essential to keeping people informed, and to garnering further support as and when needed. The old days of high Administration expense is no longer valid or viable. The people and their generosity are deeply sensitive about such waste, and the modern tools of today are fundamental to keeping cost out of the equation.

In fact with Donor Tools’ open API, you can port the database to any other third party software application. This may include payment gateways not already included, accounting system software not yet included or a Client Relationship Management system not yet part of it all. The open API means it is a quick and efficient process to link two suites of applications to easily work together as if they were always one and the same suite.
As of now, the widely used QuickBooks accounting system and the Paypal payment gateway are already integrated with Donor Tools and thus they require no special work with the API to get up and running. Simply provide the API code to each application and no further action is needed. Exporting data to QuickBooks is already formatted perfectly. And the functions also allow mail merging with Paypal.

Signing up is very simple. Depending on the functions you choose, you can begin with a 14 days free trial, and then upgrade to the largest fully functional package with unlimited everything for only $60 a month.