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Domainr is a very interesting business, and if you are ever considering to register a domain and to build a web site, then you would be very wise to check out Domainr. Essentially, it is a specialist search engine for domain names. It is most useful for finding unusual and short domain names that others haven’t thought to register. And it causes you to think outside the box of only considering .com, .net and .org top “top level” domain names because there are far more domain extensions than just these 3 types.

It is all very easy to use – just type in a keyword for the type of web site you want to build and it will then search for all possible domain names. The trick of it is that it will chop up your keyword into smaller pieces and seek domains based on this. As an example, think of “” which uses the .us domain name level when Domainr chopped up the search term delicious to find a suitable name to register.

Developed by three Californian men, at first they built the program to help out their own desire to find suitable domain names for business ideas they were considering. Each time they would find a business idea, they would use their little home programmed software tool to come up with domains that might work. Soon they realized that their tool was in fact a business in its own right, because it was always proving so useful.
So the team built their tool into a web-site where people would use the site to enter the domain name searches, and it would interact with the tool behind the scenes on the web server to come up with its suggestions.

What Made Domainr Grow To Be So Popular?

Over the years, several services popped up which helped people to shorten web page addresses. Services like allow people to enter a long web page address and have it converted to a very short one. This concept exploded into popularity when twitter cam on the scene. Because Twitter has such a tight limit of 140 characters on each Tweet that can be sent, this made it difficult for people to send messages about web site pages which were very long.

This all made it all like the perfect storm to aid the growth of Domainr. By using Domainr, people didn’t need to use styled third party services. Instead they could register their own domain names found by using Domainr. And to make this even more efficient, Domainr introduced some vowel stripping functionality to it which its own name implies – Domainr coming from the original term of “domainer”.

Short domain names are all the rage because people find them easier to remember and to spell. Because we now have billions of domain names registered, almost all short domains in the .com, .net and .org space have been registered already. This means that other domain levels are becoming ever more popular because they still have many short domain names available.

iPhones, Smartphones and Domainr

One of the great aspects of Domainr is that you can use your iPhone or Smartphone with it to do your searches and research. This makes it perfect for small groups of like-minded entrepreneurs to sit around a restaurant table with great food and a few drinks while they brainstorm ideas for their next new business opportunity.
And the early days of people trying to find the next big mega trend, like Google or Amazon are changing too.

Many modern days, would be Internet millionaires are no longer thinking of only building and owning the one big new business. Now it is fashionable to consider building networks of online properties. That is, why gets stressed out trying to invent a whole new segment of the Internet; why not build a portfolio of dozens or even hundreds of solid income earning businesses. The analogy here is akin to being a large bricks and mortar investor where your choice is to build or buy many investment properties when large single properties are too expensive.

As such, the budding Internet entrepreneurs spending an afternoon brainstorming with friends enjoying the lively banquet setting love that they can use Domainr to check out possible short domain names for each of their potential new businesses.

How Does Domainr Make Money If It Is free To Use?

It is quite simple really. With the large number of domain name searches performed each day on Domainr, there are a consistent number of them that do finally get registered, and the Domainr web site makes registering them easy by having links on their site directly to the registrars. That is, Domainr does not charge you to use their site – but they make an affiliate commission from the domain name registrars if you ever do follow through and register something with them. The Domainr business is very much a mostly hands off type business in this sense.

The original 3 partners do almost nothing these days to earn the money that they make each month. Their initial investment of their time years ago building the web site business now routinely makes a five figure income each month and when this is shared by the partners, they all now have their rent and living costs covered while they continue working on other projects.

As they say, the guys are “living the dream” of making a substantial passive income with little or no effort involved. They still meet about once a month to talk about other things they could do to the site. But this usually just becomes and enjoyable day for them of catching up and swapping ideas – to then do nothing about them. As they say, “if it ain’t broken, why fix it”?

There’s certainly no slowdown in the number or rate of domain name registrations in the world. However, this means that the complexity and length of the available domain names grows every day. This all bodes well for Domainr’s future.