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We all know the importance of being properly time managed. If you have ever tried it, you will know that when you work from a list that you usually get the list get finished by mid-morning and be energized from doing it all. And yet without a list, you feel exhausted and don’t finish half of the items by the end of the day. Yet while all of this is true, almost none of us take the time to write the lists each day.

The aim of is to take the drudgery out of getting ourselves organized. And further, it is the tool you can use to organize your team members and subordinates too because it will automatically send tasks off to those other people who must do them. The smart way to use it is to set your account’s control panel as your web browser’s home page so that every time you go online, you are always looking at your time management “toolbox”.
In this way, being time managed will very quickly become something that you do automatically and it will become a second nature to you. Before you know it, your boss if you have one will see you outshine all others simply because all of a sudden you have become the most outstanding performer in the office. Your customers will love you for the best of breed service they are getting, and your colleagues will stand in awe of how you get things done so quickly and efficiently.

So What is Like to Use?

Well firstly, opening your account is totally free and very quick and simple to do. You only need to supply and confirm your email address, and to enter your desired user name and password and you are ready to get stuck into it all. When you first log in, you’ll see that there’s a range of tutorials all laid out for you to show you how to do all the most common things like adding items to your to do list, deleted them etc. But in fact most things need no tutorial to guide you – the interface is very intuitive and common sense to follow. You’ll get the hang of it from the get go.

Almost all time management tools and ideas come down to just a few things. That is, there are things that need to be done, so you need a list of tasks to be done. And they all have a priority, so that to do list needs to be ordered in a way that the most urgent things get done first. Yet adds some extra dimensions that are very powerful to getting you to be the best you can be.

The first one is that it enables you to send tasks off to others for them to complete. And theirs is no need to only consider your subordinates in this. Managing upwards is a very legitimate way to deal with your boss – because basses need to be organized more than they currently are. With that in mind, always feel free to send your boss tasks which request he or she completes certain tasks by a set deadline so that you are then empowered to get on with your own duties that rely on them. No worthy boss could ever begrudge your attention to such details and how organized you are in this way. As for your subordinates – they expect you to list for them with clarity what and when they need to complete their duties. Indeed you will find they respect you more because of your clarity and for being so organized and thoughtful.

Over time you will find that you have entered several “someday” items, which are often just idle thoughts you have had. When you list them here, you are free to forget them for another day when you have more time to reconsider them, and sooner or later it will become apparent that they really could and should become tasks or projects to be done. Because you have had days or weeks with them in the back of your mind, they will have grown on you with further ideas about them – never forgot because you have listed them in

Often you will find that the smallest tasks are quicker to do than to make a task for them, and so you may quickly jump on the phone to get them done in the moment. This is no problems at all – because it all gets your job quicker and more efficiently than you ever were before and this is after all the whole point of the exercise.

Other Advantages of

As you quickly get used to working with, you will not only see your total productivity grow to unheard of previously new heights – you will also have an accumulated and documented history of it. This can be a very powerful tool for you to have available at performance review times and when you decide you are worth more than you are being paid at your current level. This proof of your worth to your organization, built up over recent time will be compelling evidence which your boss cannot ignore when your performance and or pay review is under way. In fact this feature alone makes using a no brainer.

The trick is to make sure that you use it every day. And as said above, the way to ensure that you do is to set your account as your home page in your favorite web browser. The world will continue to become ever more competitive. The massive growth in highly educated and productive third world cultures being able to compete for your job by working under contract online means that you owe it to yourself to become as productive as you most reasonably can. And drinking more coffee is not the answer. Getting organized is not only easy to do with – it is invigorating too, giving you a greater sense of pride in your job done so well.