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Dipity – create a free digital timeline.

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Dipity is a very interesting web site concept and I have fallen in love with using it. It is all about building up a timeline – usually of a person’s life and all of the events that have happened along the way. Just as I enjoy spreadsheets for being able to build up a model of some business idea over time, adding new dimensions to it each time I work on it, Dipity appeals to me in the way I can add key events into the timeline of someone’s life.

From the left hand side of the screen being the earlier period of time, flowing through to the right hand side to the current day and even further if you wish to plot your plans for the future, Dipity allows you to build the full story over time. And you can build many timelines, either for several or many people, perhaps for your children or your business and also for people you admire and respect.

Getting Started With Your Own Dipity Timeline

Opening your account with Dipity is free, and it only requires you to register your email address, user name and password. Your account becomes live immediately you sign-up and so you can get started in no time at all. They do have Premium level accounts, but at the entry level you can build 3 different timelines and all the allowances for the visitor numbers and data-storage they grant you mean that you’ll never have problems of needing to upgrade your account.

Like most people, I started with my own life to build my first timeline. Because I have lived such a full life with many adventures and interesting events, many people have suggested that I write a book. Over the years before finding Dipity, I had always thought the idea was impossible. That there was no way I could “document” my life because in my mind it is all now just a jumble of events that has no order to it. And I have forgotten so much already.

However, with Dipity, I have been able to gradually over just a few short weeks and piece by piece slowly built up the timeline of my life. When revisiting my growing timeline each time, and reviewing what I had already listed, events and situations that I had completely forgotten suddenly started flooding back into my mind, and so I was able to also add them to my life’s timeline. These new items I added then became the catalyst for even more memories to flood back to such an extent that I now finally feel confident I really could write the autobiography of my life. In fact I am now excited to write it.

Grabbing the old family photo album, I was able to scan various pics to illustrate my changed look over the years. By going through the various newspapers’ web sites, I was able to find the many news articles written about the different events and milestones that touched my life. More than just a picture collage, the timeline grew to include all the dates and facts of my life and so it is now the roadmap for me to use to write about my life.

For my next timeline, I chose to build one about Van Morrison because I have been so influenced by his music. Having bought all of his albums and enjoying his work for more than 20 years, it had always disappointed me that I could never find a biography about his life. I wanted to learn more about the man and what had influenced his music and lyrics. So I got to work on building a timeline for him. I began by adding the dates of release for each of his albums. Then by working with google, and tracking down leads about him I grew more and more of the account of his life. When I found old images of him on the net, I was able to add them to the timeline too. It all quickly grew into a very detailed and yet highly organized account of the man, his music and his life.

Suggestions for Building Your Own Dipity Timeline

We have all lived our lives to the best of our abilities. Sure, we are all inherently lazy – that’s all part of being human, the human condition. But as we have grown and matured, we have all been influenced by things along the way. As part of your own personal journey of self-discovery, I strongly urge you to build your own timeline. Even if you have no preconceived ideas of how to build up the picture of who you have become, the truth of what has influenced you will soon emerge. Because it will be you who adds the significant events to the timeline, sooner or later it will highlight those things that have been important to you.
I suggest that you get out all of your life documents, because they have dates on. This means your birth certificate, your school reports and your marriage and divorce certificates too, if you have those experiences. And get out your work CV because all of these things will help you to put dates to most of the big things that have happened to you. Get out your family picture album, so that you too can add snapshots of your maturing look over time. Pull out your old music, and see which artists have influenced you too and when they reached into your life.

You will find it very easy to work with Dipity’s web site, as it is all very intuitive to use when adding the elements of your life. Of course you can save it at any time to come back and to add to later. No one can do it all in one or even just a few sittings. Even the most boring life takes on a new meaning when it has all been fleshed out in such an interesting way that Dipity allows.