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Setting Up Your Digg Account

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Digg is an interesting phenomenon that has been around for quite a few years now on the Internet. What it does is it helps you share content that is interesting to you, and to discover what is the most relevant, perhaps to you and also perhaps those in your social and professional network. You may be in the general area of Forex trading for example, and if so then you probably know a lot of other people who share this interest too.

So when you find something of particular interest to you, it makes sense to share the find with the others who share your interest in the subject matter and who you respect. Rather than go to all the hassle of sending them an email to tell them about the web page and then the further hassle to send it to all the people you know who could be interested, just “Digg” it and they will soon enough learn through the network that you cared enough about that web page; which then leaves it up to them if they wish to also read it to or not.

In fact this flagging of content as interesting is also used for bigger things than just sharing links with friends and colleagues. For example, search engines like Google believe that when content that has been flagged by enough users as interesting, that the search engine should index that content page higher up in the search results for other people to find it more easily for the keywords used.

And so as a collective that groups all people’s interests’ together Digg spreads out the load of finding new and interesting content. For example, if an item of information has been flagged by say 5 people who Digg it, and yet other pages have been flagged hundreds of times as interesting, worthy and useful, it makes sense that the pages marked hundreds of times should be easier to find in the search engines and more frequently read by others.

Great Ways to Use Digg

Digg’s web site is a very interesting place to seek out hottest and most relevant news on the subjects that interest you. That is, it lets you search by keyword and the “Digg count number” and items of interest under a wide variety of categories. Given that my favorite area of interest is Forex trading, I find hundreds of thousands of items that at least one person has “Dugg”. But because I am interested in hot topics that have fascinated many people, I then filter the results by Digg count number and then I am hot on the trail for important news that I should know about.

Digg also allows you to filter the search results for any keyword by “most recent”, “media type” meaning news images or video, as well as by general category.

Why not just use a search engine like Google? Simply because Google and the other search engines have been cluttered with the manipulations of Internet marketers and so they are practically useless for find relevant and real news items. With Digg, all that clutter is cleared away. I am able to quickly and efficiently find real news items with no fuss. Sure, it is possible to manipulate the Digg count number, but the results certainly are much cleaner than search engines.

In essence, it is like having the wisdom and eyes of many thousands of spies out there in the Internet community voting for the merits and newsworthiness of stuff I might be excited about. Set up your own account and check it out. Or first off, perhaps you should do some searching on the subjects that interest you and see for yourself just how powerful it is to find the things that matter most to you.

Setting Up Your Digg Account

It is a “no brainer” to set up your account with Digg; you only need to register (for free) with your email address and by nominating the user name and password of your choice. When you have confirmed your email address, you are able to build up your profile with your photo and to adjust your settings for when you will be notified by email about “stuff”. For example, if you submitted a Digg, when others Digg it too, or when a story you submitted is promoted by a newsroom, reaches a certain score level or is Dugg by others. It even allows you to set up notification if someone is following you or makes comments about things you have Dugg. These notices all enable you to stay in the loop on events current to your life and information needs, and it can keep you extra well informed about your matters in your professional life.

Of course there are general notification types you can opt into as well, such as Digg announcements, its weekly digest. Further, you are able to customize your preferences on how you want dig to handle your account when you are viewing the site as well as giving you ways to connect your account into your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. It really is a fully integrated part of the Internet and Digg can be put to tremendous advantage in both your personal and professional life.

If you happen to own or operate a web site, you will find that working with Digg and adding the Digg API to your site will greatly enhance where your web site appears in the search engines. By making it easy for visitors to your site to Digg those pages they respect and enjoy, you’ll find a swelling number of new visitors referred to you by the Digg site. So join Digg, and get your Internet business Dugg. Link your Digg account with Twitter, Google and Facebook to bring out all the integration advantages that the modern day Internet professional uses in today’s rapidly changing times. You’ll soon find that the options and benefits are only limited by your imagination.