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What Is Digg

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Digg is a User-driven bookmarking website. It is called user-driven because the content that you see on Digg is submitted and moderated by users and their communities.

It is not always possible to go deep in the internet and look for the stories. Digg especially is for people who want to look for stories from some specific genres. For example: If you are a Science buff, you type that in the search bar and Digg gives you its best stories related to that search.

Digg delivers the most relevant and convincing content to millions of users per month.

How does it work?

What Digg actually does is, it promotes user stories. You can submit the link to your stories which can be original or the links for someone else’s stories, which you think will be liked by people. Then other users of the Digg community read the stories you submitted, if they like it they will Digg it. If it receives enough Diggs then it will be promoted on the front page of the website for the whole Digg community to checkout.

Also, unlike older Digg, you don’t just have to put links of your stories but you can have your own Digg page where you can put up stories or post authoritative information about your forte which truly is a great way of advertising and promotion.

All you have to do is register with Digg. Let’s see how.

How to register yourself with Digg?

When you enter the dig URL in the address bar of your browser, be it Safari, Mozilla, Chrome or any other depending on your choice of browser, the main page of the website will look like this:

As you can see in the upper right corner, there is a button named as ‘SIGN IN/SIGN UP’. Click on that
and Digg will offer you three ways to sign up with it.

The first way is using Google credentials. There is a button saying ‘Sign in with Google’, clicking that will lead you to Google sign in page. Enter your Gmail ID and password and you are good to enter Digg.

The second way is using Facebook credentials. Click on the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ button and it will redirect you to Facebook Sign in page. Use your credentials and that’s it.

The third way is using Twitter. Click on the button saying ‘Sign in with Twitter’ and it will ask you to authorize Digg to use your Twitter account. Enter the twitter user ID and password and there you go.

Some of the best features offered

Apart from all this, there are certain features you will come across in Digg that are pretty interesting.

You Digg this: If you love a story and you want it to be read enough, then you click on the Digg button on the bottom of the story. It will raise the Digg count of that story and if it gets enough Diggs then that story will be published on the main page and be read by all as it’s the hot story. There is no limit on what you can dig, you can Digg anything that is there on the internet such as articles, videos, blogs or anything.

Dig Deeper: There is an option in the settings tab of the website, which offers you to enable or disable Digg deeper button. Enabling it will display on Digg, the most read about stories from your Twitter timeline.

Save for later: Sometimes you just take a look at the story headlines and you don’t have that much time to read the story thoroughly, what you can do is, save it for later and read it when you have time. There is a button below every story saying ‘Save’ if you save the story by clicking it then that saved story will be shown in the ‘Saved’ Tab under your profile name on the upper right corner of the main page.

Submit a link: As I mentioned earlier as well, you can submit the link of the story that you liked from someplace else. If you think there might be persons out there who share the same interest as yours and like the same stories as you do, then do share them on Digg. If you are helping your friend out to do the publicity of their business through their website, then Digg is the best platform to do it.

Share what you like: You also have the option to share a Digg story on you Facebook or Twitter timeline. Click on the ‘Share’ button on the bottom of the story and it will ask you if you want to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s say if you want to share it on your Twitter page and you select the option of ‘Share to Twitter’, it will ask you the credentials for your Twitter account and will post the story on your page.

Different users have a different impact of Digg on them. For casual users, it is a great way to check out the most talked about stories or to find particular stories in their loved categories. They can also, find various tutorials on different topics and tools.

For Bloggers or Website owners, it is the best way to redirect the web traffic to their blogs and business that they showcase on websites. If it gets enough Diggs, that helps them in a very profitable way. Let’s say someone has put up a story about a great restaurant in the city, if people get interested and keep on Digging the story, it will redirect a huge rush towards that restaurant’s website which will end up in great publicity of the business.

If you really want to use it as a way to drive rush towards your stories and business websites, you have to be careful in doing that because sometimes the people are not ready for that much rush and the website gets crashed. Follow the proper Digg etiquette and be an Active Digg user and you will come to know about how it’s helping you.