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Diaries have usually and typically been the province of teenage girls; many of whom have written down their thoughts over time as a place to vent their feelings over what has annoyed them and to contemplate the issues in their lives. The process of thinking and writing down feelings helps people; especially younger people subjected to sudden hormonal changes in their bodies (also known as teenagers) causes a deeper and clearer reflection on these issues. With more clarity from keeping a diary and from making journal entries, life truly does seem much less complicated.

But diaries haven’t only been the domain of teenage girls. Politicians frequently keep them, and not just for appointment notes but also to record conversations as a means to recall at any time later what was said and decided and when they may have to defend themselves from criticism. Business leaders and company directors are also trained to do likewise, so as to put into context any decisions they may take over time and so that they have some defense over their actions in later years.

Many of the professions take such notes and make journal entries for the same reason, and interestingly, almost always it is about self-preservation – to protect themselves from complaints later. Only in a few instances are these journal entries used to better serve the client or community. From accountants, lawyers, psychologists, counselors and all the way through to Police Officers, journal entries into a diary are common job requirements in order to be a professional.

And so it is expected that with the advent of the Internet, that using a diary and working with our need to record journal entries, to remember important dates and events and to plan our lives will become an online application that we can all use. is the perfect answer for this.

What Can You Do With Your Online Diary?

For a free online application service, it is truly remarkable and simple to use. Simply register with your email address and listing your birthdate and sex, you are then ready if you wish to download the iPhone App or Android App – also free of charge which will enable to automatically synchronize your entries with your online version. You can quickly create plans, add tasks to your to do list or jot down any ideas to remind you later. You can invite other people so that they can also update your calendar diary entries and with this in mind, you can set up email notifications with meetings and agenda setting. And you can also link it to your Facebook account to help you keep track of birthday reminders and other events.

I find the Journal side of things especially useful in my Forex trading. As an example of how you too can use your online Diary professionally, I find that by keeping detailed notes of my thoughts about every trade I make with my Forex trading that I make better decisions. The minute or two it takes me to make the journal entry is often the difference between making good and bad trades. That is, if I wasn’t keeping my notes before every trade, then I’d be “over-trading” and or making trades that are not consistent with my trading strategy.
I may for example plan to make a trade in the near term future if price action reaches a certain level. And later when I review my journal I find that price didn’t move anywhere near where I expected it likely to go – and this process of reviewing my thoughts has taken my professional trading to a whole new level of success and profitability.

You can use your own online Diary for only your personal life, or you too can use it professionally. Either way it is perfect for aggregating and gathering together in an organized way all matters about your life. This is easily done by using the # symbol to tag items you note against a tag name. For example, I will use #Forex to pull together all of my trading entries, and #whatever for other items not related to Forex.

I personally don’t use mobile phones, but I’m sure you do and I am equally sure you would be able to make use of your online Diary with your iPhone or Smartphone while spending an hour or more on the bus or train each night. It’s kind of like texting to yourself I know, but in a way that is highly productive in keeping your life in order as you reflect on those things important in your life.

One Really Cool Thing About Your Online Diary

When you are getting into your Diary, take a look at how you can choose the status of the items you enter. That is, you can set each and every item as public for anyone to see, to groups to be invited to see and share with and you can also mark them as private. It goes without saying that you should be careful to keep your most private thoughts and legally confidential items as private. Whereas birthdays and hooking into your publicly viewable Facebook content most likely should be set into publicly viewable mode.

After you have created your account, do take the time to look at the “Smart Section” on the top menu inside your online Diary. There you will find easy instruction and a YouTube video on how to get yourself most organized even with the most busy life by using the #key, where even the most vast range of interests you have can all easily be categories by customizing them with group names of your choice. That is, #Any-Tag-Name then will group together all other items with the same tag name.

This means that you can quickly and efficiently create new groups of items exactly customized the way you want them. Then when you are out and about, it is easy to access your account on your iPhone to update that interest group item when you think of it and while it is fresh in your mind.