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Deviantart’s Muro

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Frank Zappa is credited with saying “without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” and this is the underlying foundation or concept of DeviantART. And part of DeviantART, which has 12 million members in its arts based social network audience of free users, is that together they have all come up with more than 100 million original works of art to its credit on display. Working at the cutting edge of online software technology, designers, artists and photographers from over 190 countries can work solo, build galleries or they can collaborate and benefit from the community of like-minded people on any project specification or category of art they desire.

For example, pencil users in South America can combine their creative output with colorists throughout Asia to bring to life the next comic heroes blockbuster that then can be sold for a profit from the DeviantART shop. People are able to create their art in any category, from anime through to body art tattoo designs and they are only limited by their imagination as they develop their skills to ever higher levels.
Visitors are able to browse the collections on display with searches by means of keywords, artist’s names or styles. Artists can grow their own fan club memberships as they become trendsetters with their particular unique style. More than 2,000,000 visitors a day come to DeviantART to get involved, learn, create and appreciate.

Every day, 80,000 new pieces of art are uploaded to be enjoyed by the social network membership. And it can range fine art to 3D modeling, from street art to fashion photography, from film and animation through to poetry and the list of categories and styles seems endless.

So Then What is DeviantART Muro?

Muro is the suite of image drawing tools that you can use online for free as part of the DeviantART website. To picture what it looks like, imagine the primitive program equivalent that comes with all Microsoft’s Operating Systems – Paint. Whereas Paint is so basic as to be useless, fit mostly for the youngest kids to draw squiggles on the screen, DeviantART’s Muro has advanced functionality including many ways add filters, shading and 3D dimensioning to images you upload or to drawings you begin from scratch.

Of course this article is not an all in one art class, and each individual has their own inherent sense of creativity. I’ll not be making this article a tutorial in how to use all the tools of the application, because it all depends on what your personal style will be as to which tools you use. The best way to learn any software is for you to start at the top left, and work your way to the right hand side – clicking on everything to see what it all does.

Joining DeviantART is Easy

Think of DeviantART as lkike any social networking application where you have your own private place for your profile. With your signing up, you won’t be asked for creditcard details because membership is totally free. Premium membership is available, but for all intent and purposes you won’t need to consider that unless you fall in love with the site and practically live in it.

It of course makes great sense complete your profile so that people are able to get to know you and what your interests are. After you have confirmed your email address, you will find yourself with a wizard to walk you through all the details you can complete, but you can attend to this at any time in the future.

Your account will be a subdomain of DeviantART, meaning that your place will be your And when you login, you’ll have access to your personal control panel so that you can access any files you’ve saved, as well as any messages you’ve received from other members. It would be wise to work with your “Favorites”, because as you begin the journey of looking at the work of hundreds and perhaps thousands of other users in your preferred interest areas, you’ll quickly lose track of what you have found of special interest to you if you haven’t added it to your favorite’s folder.

Get Involved Today – It’s Free

When you are ready, and if you feel so inclined, then you may at any time begin work on your own creative endeavors. This means that you can upload scans or images of any drawing or photograph and save it in your personal area, and you’ll be to access it any time in the future to edit it.

As you see fit, you can then build up your own personal gallery of work you have created, which is then publically viewable by others you share the link with. This is a very popular way for artists to market themselves – building up their personal gallery and sending the link to it to those people interested in your work. More than just a image sharing place, DeviantART carries with it a huge reputation in the art world, and so when potential buyers see you are a member, it will add greatly to your reputation in the creative industry.

I suggest to you most highly that you visit the world that awaits you at DeviantART and that you check out muro. There really is nothing to prevent you from joining right now, free of charge and to get yourself in and around the many millions of other creative people making friends and connections who you may wish to collaborate with in the future.

So reach out to members whose work you enjoy and appreciate, and get active in the community. Comment on peoples work. Begin to create your own pieces with Muro and build your own gallery. Invite feedback and comment from other members. You’ll find that all too often the most successful people in any endeavor are very approachable for advice and guidance on how to improve your skill set.

DeviantART Muro – it’s a highly developed community of millions of people just like you.