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deviantART – Leads the Way with Artists Online Creation and Sales Needs

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As the internet keeps on with its massive pace of growth and diversity, and with billions of people now logging in every day, almost all of whom are using broadband connections, there is an amazing upswing in the artistic creativity now available to the masses. With this internet growth has been the advent of the social network in its many flavors and variations, and we have a vast array of Software as a Service business models where people no longer need to buy software on a CD to install on their own computers; rather they log in to a web site which is running on the vendorís servers and so it is always up to date running the latest stable version of it. And so we have over the last few years seen a combination of niche social networks each catering for the special interest group of the audience it captures, and all the users logging in to use the software that caters for their needs.

A big part of this power to connect with the Software as a Service model is the way people can collaborate and work together because they are all logging into the same web site using the same software. As such, teams of people can contribute the values they bring to the teamís shared project. One such web site that has excelled at this socially networked software running on centralized servers is Deviant Art Muro. With more than twelve million registered users, two million of whom log in each day, they collectively produce more than eighty thousand new artistic pieces per day. And the teams that get together donít need to be working on the same project at the same time. A team can easily be from entirely different time zones each making their contribution to the collaboration during the times it suits them. And nor do team members usually have the same skill sets; rather different members tend to complement each other by combining their total skills.

Opening an Account with Deviant Art Muro is Simple and Easy

Opening an account is especially easy to do; with only a user name, email address and a password to be supplied. And it is entirely free to all members. Once logged in, most people begin by clicking around the site to get ideas about other people have created. You will find the site very well laid out, and with categories ranging from digital art, literature, photography, crafts, film and animation, cartoons and comics, flash, manga and animations and much more. Members can subscribe for the Deviant Art Muro newsletter, or they can set their account to track a project that is still being worked on or is completed. Plus there is always a number of online polls that you can vote on.

Advertsiing Supported for Free Accounts, Premium Accounts are Great Value

Primarily the Deviant Art Muro web site is advertising supported, but you can elect to sign up for a premium membership at less than five dollars a month which not only gets you advertising free access, you also have your storage increased from two gigabyte to ten gigs. And with the premium account members, as you would expect you gain a lot of other benefits such was being able to see four times as much art on each page than the free membership; much easier to let your eyes scan for what interests you most of all. Plus you are able to dig very deeply into the archived materials that have accumulated over the years. All the works created can be purchased with a revenue share between Deviant Art Muro and the creator. Quite frankly, if the options are to register your own domain name and pay for web site hosting, Deviant Art Muro makes a far smarter idea because your paid for space is not only much cheaper, you are already immersed in an audience of millions of art interested people. Such a paid for account has every tool and function you could ever need to run your own online sales operation; including the ability of members to have prints of art sent to them by snail mail in addition to being able to download the digital file copy.

Work the Social Network System of Deviant Art Muro to Create Fans and Customers

Users are encouraged to develop their own profile and to keep their own creative journal so that those who become your fans can get more involved with you. Deviant Art Muro is after all a community and a social network and as such, paid up members gets their own web site address, with the space being able to be used to promote your work to an outside audience; as said ñ to sell your works for profit. By this method, budding professionals have a low cost entry price within a passionate community surrounding them to begin their new career; being easily able to be found, seen and to communicate with interested people. And the Deviant Art Muro web site has fully integrated into it a shopping cart and payment gateway system so that buyers can make their purchases in a safe and protected environment; with your own sales tracked automatically in your account which you can either withdraw as you wish, or use your credit to make your own purchases from other Deviant Art Muro members.

In terms of art production, Deviant Art Muro comes with a much more advanced suite of image editing tools if it were to be compared to lame products like Microsoftís Paint program. And any work that has been undertaken gets saved on to the Deviant Art Muro servers safely and securely stored under your account for when you next wish to add more to your creation. Without doubt, Deviant Art Muro is a highly functional and extremely successful Software as a Service business serving millions of like minded artistically inclined members. Given that it is free to use, you have nothing to lose by checking it out for yourself.