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Why Desktime is Important

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Desktime is a very interesting online service available for free to individual users and at a very low monthly fee for Corporate Accounts. The Internet has allowed and caused many changes in the way the world works. And Desktime is becoming a very important part of that change.

With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), almost every industry and organization has had to change the way it competes in order survive. Business and professional life is very much more about productivity these days and it will continue to become more so. That is, with Globalization and easy access to highly educated and talented workers in third world countries, Americans have to work extra hard and be extra productive just to keep their jobs.

China has 5-6,000,000 University graduates every year entering the work place, nearly 20,000,000 in University at any one time. India similarly has massive highly trained and educated workers who are extremely capable with the whole range of Information Technology jobs. Both cultures are able to live very well and yet charge only a small fraction of the cost American workers do.

Bosses and Companies alike have a need to know what their employees are doing to earn their payroll to ensure that every competitive edge is being found and used day in, day out. Employees have every incentive to manage their time at industry best practice in order to keep their jobs and to find advancement and the next promotion.

It should not surprise workers that bosses have a huge incentive to use Desktime in the organization. The current world economy and its competitive nature will continue to ensure that the organization tuly does get what it is actually paying for from its workforce. You can expect bosses to use and monitor Desktime reports as part of the normal performance appraisal processes.

What is Desktime All About?

Essentially it is a productivity and time management tool. The simple fact is that most people have no idea just how productive they are from day to day. And if they knew where they were spending their time, then they’d be able to be more focused on not doing the time wasting things, and be able to hone in on those things that truly make a difference and matter most.

Desktime does a great job of keeping track of what applications you are using on your computer, and of analyzing how much you use them. On a regular basis, you login to your account and review what it reports as your productivity level and what you have spent your time on.

At first it usually comes as a shock to people just how much time they have wasted with chatting, sitting idle, logging into their social networks etc. Everyone knows that time management is an important thing, and essential to succeeding. But almost no one before Desktime ever followed the disciplines needed to use time wisely. Time management is a habit few people master properly.

Now with Desktime running quietly in the background, accumulating data about what we do with our time, we are quickly able to adjust our behavior accordingly. That is, problems are very easy to address when we can see them so clearly.

Getting Started with Desktime.

Registering an account with Desktime is free and very straight forward. No credit card is needed, and even Corporate Accounts get the 30 days free trial. By registering your email address and password, you are then directed to download a small program that will run in the background while you go about doing your job. This program uses your login email address and account password and the application will automatically start when you first turn on your computer. The program is very small, and so it does not put any undue load on your computer resources at all.

In fact you need do nothing at all after it has been set-up, and the set-up takes less than 30 seconds. You don’t have to change anything about what you normally currently do already. Of course it makes sense that you do login to your account online periodically to see what Desktime has reported about your productivity – you can bet that one day your boss will be logging into your work performance and productivity, especially at performance appraisal time.

You’ll find the experience quite exciting. Besides the fact that we must all work to earn money to pay for our lives, it is a well-known fact that humans have a huge personal need to be recognized. It is part of our human nature that we crave for respect and appreciation for our efforts, skills and contribution. And it peeves us when others get unearned credit, perhaps because they lie or have a charming disposition.

How often have you seen people in the office do nothing of value at all, all day long until they see a boss coming their way? And then you see them working like busy little beavers until the boss is out of sight again. As soon as they think they can’t be seen by any authority, back to their social network timing wasting they go. In the past, these people often were the ones to get promoted before other more diligent people.

These tricks used by the lazy people won’t work with Desktime, because it doesn’t care when the boss is watching, and it doesn’t care about how charming the personality of the employee who is trying to outsmart the boss. It has one job and one job only, and that is to monitor and track the productive use of software applications on your computer.

America needs a productivity and time management tool like Desktime to regain its competitive edge. Global markets will not forgive waste, and organizations can no longer rest idly on past productivity achievements. To be number one, you really do need to be the best. And because it is the way of the future, it would be smart to embrace Desktime, to get ahead of the productivity curve.