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Getting Projects Done By Working With DesignCrowd

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Established on January 2008 and organized by three experienced business leaders, DesignCrowd is under the management of Alec Lynch, Adam Arbolino, and Chris McNamara. The company has notable guarantors like Starfish Ventures and Grand Prix Capital. Here are the names of the people under the team of investors: Garry Visontay, Anthony Glenning, Les Szekely, Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, and Todd Forest.

Freelancers specializing in graphic designs and individuals with design studios can provide their services to DesignCrowd. The online marketplace is filled with people aspiring to work and earn by giving thought to projects such as creating logos, making layouts for websites, and releasing designs of several pictures and text.

Crowdsourcing, by definition in a dictionary, asks the assistance of large groups of individuals for needed services and ideas. DesignCrowd, bringing in over 173,857 designers residing in different places, uses this kind of method because it is more productive than interviewing and hiring one employee after another. At an equitable cost, projects are done by one of the finest virtual team you will ever come across with. DesignCrowd’s skillful designers are guaranteed to produce outputs that will meet your standards and especially your deadline.

Giving justice to its mission statement, DesignCrowd provides an avenue for people to show their talents and creative side. Businesses also feel a sense of security when they use the website because the people comprising the teams are hired based on passion and commitment.

The customer testimonial of DesignCrowd is very impressive because it highlights all of the services it promises to provide. The service is described to be of great quality, and customers are given so many choices to choose from. Customers are able to meet their deadlines and present good outputs.

Discover and explore the options posted by DesignCrowd:

At the homepage of DesignCrowd, with a URL of, forty (40) categories and even one hundred one (101) designs per project can be seen. Here are the choices under “40 Categories”: 3D design, ad design, app design, art design, banner ad design, blog design, book cover design, calendar design, card design, catalogue roll, catalogue spread, Logo design, web design, tee shirt design, flyer design, brochure design, business card design, CD cover design, envelope design, Twitter design, invitation design, label design, leaflet design, letterhead design, Facebook design, graphic design, greeting card design, icon design, illustration, PowerPoint design, signage design, stationery design, sticker design, magazine design, menu design, name card design, newspaper ad design, newsletter design, packaging design, Photoshop design, poster design, vector design, and lastly, a postcard design. As for the matter concerning workers, DesignCrowd can also suggest designers who will be a perfect fit for the job.

Create a free account now:

Determine which type of account you will be having: That of a customer or a designer. Customers are entitled to pay for designs, while a designer will be the one to present his or her designs. A person can log in or sign up using the social networking site Facebook. If you do not want that option, provide your first name and e-mail address, and also pick a secure password. By clicking the green button which says “Next,” it means that you concur to the website’s user agreement and privacy policy.

How does DesignCrowd work?

Posting and describing the project you need help with can be done within minutes if you know what design you need (corporate identity, print design, graphic design, web design, and such). As a basis of a designer’s instruction, provide a title and instructions for the needed project. Set the project’s duration and upload files, if necessary. State your expectations and include necessary details. Choose a package that has the prices of $240, $340, $540, and $740. The chosen package will determine how many designs will be given. If you are not interested with the already established package, customize one. As for the budget options, you can either select refundable or committed (non-refundable). Project upgrades are also available to improve the betterment of the project. The total amount will be shown on the page, including the breakdown. “Save & Continue” to confirm your order. Review the information in your post and choose the payment method that is most convenient for you. You may choose to pay using a credit card, PayPal account, and Skrill. For credit card holders, the card number is needed, together with its expiry date, and CVV. Click “Submit Payment” for the first option, and tap “Proceed to secure payment” for the second and third methods.

Having more than one hundred (100) designs online, explore the designs already posted. New ones will be sent to the user’s inbox. You may communicate with the artist personally and have it edited to your liking. Whether it is good or bad, feedbacks are encouraged. Just remember to be respectful, credible, and informative.

If you are interested in viewing a video version of the instructions, copy and paste this as a URL using any internet browser: The video should be shown on the page.

A tip for the new and current customer and designer users: Each designer has a profile. Consider reading through his or her description, viewing his uploaded samples, and also customer feedbacks. Designers, on the other hand, should submit honest works and avoid copying from other sources because it is a form a plagiarism. Create something original and identical to the demands of the customer.

Advantages of an online service like DesignCrowd:

If you are in a tight budget and in need of some form of assistance in your line of work, simply make an account and upload pieces of information on the website of DesignCrowd. Through accomplishing the post, chances of finding the help you need and design you want will be more likely to occur. For capable designers out there who feel underappreciated, earn money by working hard and constructing the things needed by DesignCrowd’s valued customers. The online marketplace can be used at ease, flexible, and is definitely productive.