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Definr – Simply the Best and Fastest Ever Dictionary

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Most web sites built and published online have a commercial goal in mind. That is they were thought of and build with the goal of making someone money for some benefit; even if that was only for generating advertising revenues. Even the free social networks like FaceBook which cost millions of dollars in server infrastructure hardware and bandwidth were always built with the idea of making billions of dollars at some point in the future. The world is becoming filled with a massive array of software as a service type businesses and web sites, and all of them have something to offer and most of them do actually do a great job delivering what they have hoped to deliver. Yet every once in a while you come across a web site that for no apparent or obvious reason just makes you smile even when it has not intended to do that at all either; a web site that has not pretentions other than to serve its purpose trouble free. These other sites by means of their simplicity go well beyond what we can hope for giving us exactly what we want with no fuss or effort at all. A web site that quickly and efficiently gets on with its narrowly defined function and in the process demonstrates the developerís skill with the chosen tools and programming code to get that job done brilliantly and then it leaves you with the rest of the day to enjoy.

Lightning Fast; Definr Auto Completes What You Search

One such web site is Definr, and it has a very powerful punch packed into its tiny little bit of functionality. What exactly is Definr? It is simply a super fast, uncluttered and highly functional dictionary. Unlike competing websites like Dictionary dot com, which have pages of complexity and nonsense that almost no one ever wants to know about or can even understand, Definr does not mess around. It attempts to predict what you are typing and in the same process lists all manner of related words for you to choose from to save you many keystrokes (and which also helps you in those many cases where you actually do not know how to fully spell the word you want defined) and when you have chosen what you want defined, Definr lists for you an uncluttered list of the definition or definitions you were looking for. In fact when most people use a dictionary, they are not really interested in the definition. What they want most of all is to confirm how to spell the word itself. That is, they have already got an idea of how well the word works for them in the context they wish to use it; but they have not got clarity on how to correctly spell it. And so the auto completion functionality of Definr is a particularly powerful tool. This is especially true for University students of all disciplines given the very low literacy rates of the United States and how important spelling is in course work to be submitted, while acknowledging how poor most students are at spelling.

Use Definr When Not Sure How to Spell a Word

Definr seems to have been a University project for Christian von Kleist who used Princetonís Word Net 2.0 to build his web site dictionary application. It achieves such lightning speed by automatically completing what word you are typing, and by listing below the data box all the potential derivatives of the primary word you have typed. And it uses the fastest of computer programming languages to get each of its component parts of each definition job done. The site is simplistic, blindingly fast, containing no clutter or nonsense anywhere and is a total pleasure to use. With two hundred thousand words in its database, Definr is not ashamed to publish links to its word statistics page and to its server performance page and it openly talks about the structure of how it defines words with its auto complete function so quickly. Certainly the results of using Definr speak for themselves in terms of their performance with the returned results occurring very fast. However it is always refreshing when the developer is not shy to put links pointing directly to the server response times because he in his own mind knows the service will be judged lightning fast by his own peers.

Use Definr for Fast Uncluttered Results

Built using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is a MySQL database with its dictionary of the two hundred thousand words and this part of the process is in fact rather routine given they are perfectly suited to MySQL functionality. And yet for each word Definr tries to auto complete, the C computer programming module of Ruby on Rails is used to quickly scan its dictionary for those words that might be the correct answer to the auto complete issue; and this auto complete part is done as a separate routine to the main dictionary search and results in all the derivative words listed under the search box as the word is completed. By having the auto complete part of the process done separately, it is in fact done in parallel to the main search, not as a series of actions with an accumulated time for the search to be completed.

Definr Delivers On Every Promise

Definr is a wonderful concept, well thought out and flawless execution in the intended functionality of its design to be exactly what people really do use dictionaries for; namely to learn how words are spelled ñ their meaning already being fully understood. Definr showed no signs of cracking under the pressure when it was promoted to the first page on Digg and became massively more popular than just an in house University project. It received a serious hammering from massive volumes of searches because of its Digg popularity and it handled the server load with remarkable ease. Definr is simple to remember and is strongly recommended when you next need a dictionary.