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A money-saving website that went online in the year 2006, addresses the problem of consumers, who grew tired of rummaging through the internet, newspapers, magazines, and alike, finding vouchers that entitles the holder with discounts and best deals. The site mainly caters to the needs of shoppers who are very much interested to various clothes, food, and as well as health and beauty products. Living up to its word of honor on their About Us page, this quick and active site provides a hassle-free experience for any bargain hunter. With more than 500,000 likes on Facebook and 200,000 followers on Twitter, is continuing to share its services to different types of clients.

As long as you have an available username, a well-functioning e-mail address, and a highly strong password that will ward off unauthorized access to your data (hackers), creating an account on is very easy. Whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or even the old-fashioned Internet Explorer, just type the following website address: When the site completely loads its content, you will see a “Sign Up” button located at the upper right corner. A username will serve as your identity online. This type of component you are about to fill out will enable you to interact with other users and will also let you enjoy the great deals, which is offering. Choosing a username is not difficult provided that what you have typed in is still obtainable.Once the site has flashed the green check mark, the username you have picked out is available and ready for use. The e-mail address is an important component in making an account for the reason that it will be used later on for confirmation. After filling out the e-mail part, decide on your password. requires that the string of characters be between six (6) to sixteen (16). If all three of the needed information has the color green surrounding it, click the “Sign Up!” button. By doing so, it means that you are agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy of the website (hyperlinks are provided). To confirm your e-mail address, look at your mail’s inbox and find the message from Click on the link provided and you are ready to avail printable coupons and package deals.

To start using the beauty that is, determine which store, deal, or coupon you would like to search. The home page of features items which are hot, trending, most recent, and even the “buzz.” If you have nothing particular in mind, situated at the left portion of the site are categories such as clothing, electronics, entertainment, health and beauty, home and garden, kids and baby, office, sports and outdoor, and others. Or perhaps if you are an enthusiast of specific stores, it can also be found below the categories made mention on the previous sentence. If you have already chosen a popular store and you wish to avail a coupon, you should either click a “Redeem Offer,” “View Coupon,” or a “Get Promo Code” button. After getting hold of the information you need, you are all set to purchase the service or product you want.

If you stumble upon a deal or coupon and would like to share it with other users on, choose the purple button with a dollar price tag inside it. It will immediately bring you to another page, asking you to select a type. If you choose “DEALS,” the URL should be copied and pasted on the bar which says, “Enter URL here…” Enter a valid internet address and click “Continue.” On the other hand, sharing a coupon is far different. Enter a store name and determine whether it is online, an in store coupon, or an in store offer. The coupon code and URL are non-compulsory.As for coupons that can be printed, each of the two may do: Give out the URL or upload it in formats gif, jpeg, or png. If it is a PDF, follow the link provided at the right side of the page, or just have it converted by making use of online converters. To let other people have a feel of the voucher, provide a clear and detailed description. Try to be persuasive and avoid stating false information. Submit the form afterwards.

Providing a short yet meaningful description in profiles is often, if not always, left out in websites. To edit your profile on, click the greeting with your username on it that is located at the upper right corner of the page. In the general settings of your profile, you could manage your e-mail by going to the hyperlink of the word “Manage.” There, adding another e-mail address is not too difficult to do as long as you can confirm it. Back to the general settings, provide a headline and briefly describe yourself in the “About Me” portion. If you are a regular user of Facebook, connect by tapping the blue button with the logo of the social networking site. Save changes when you are done.

Under “Hello, (username),” click “My Stores” to see your store subscriptions, which gives you a notification when there are new coupons and such. If you still have not subscribed, below is a checking form. You will be given vast selections to scratch the itch you have for shopping. Navigate the other tabs to see additional categories. Subsequent to checking everything you wish to be subscribed to, move your cursor to the button that says, “Add Selected Stores.” In the event that you want to unsubscribe from stores, check the boxes before the text and “Remove Selected Stores.” You may also opt to be the recipient of daily local deals by merely picking out the city you are residing, or whatever municipality you want.

Managing a account is effortless if you follow the instructions in the review. Unlike shopping in actual stores, the online shopping experience of the website does not pressure you to make purchases right away. In fact, a user can perhaps read the customer-made assessments for products to know if it is a good or bad deal.