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Dailystrength – Self-Help Social Network by the People for the People

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One of the greatest new waves of internet development has been the advent of web 2.0 functionality whereby users are able to generate all the content rather than have information only pushed the one way at them. And this has been great news for hundreds of millions of people who all have something worthwhile to offer and by engaging them we all benefit from the cross pollination of ideas bring people closer together in their own communities of interest, making friends with like minded people and essentially helping each other along the way. And many of these web 2.0 properties with the user generating power for their content have been built around a particular niche area of interest, and on larger sites under the umbrella of one main niche area there can spawn hundreds of sub groups of interest with their own specialty.

People Helping People the Dailystrength Way

Dailystrength is one such social network where there are now about five hundred sub branches or groups of interest; all pertaining to some measure of trauma that people have faced and continue to help other people to face. Within the Dailystrength platform, almost every type of person disaster or emotional upheaval is catered for and where the membership acts positively to help each other to cope during these times of adversity. Be it from cancer sufferers or incest survivors, often friends and family are not the best ones to help us to deal with lifeís trial and tribulations. Sometimes we need to connect directly with others who have the exact same situation to contend with in their own lives.

Started by Doug Hirsch in 2006, he came from a background of being one of the first employees at Yahoo back in its formative years, and so he was no stranger to a new start up operation. Hirsch was motivated to build the site after his own issues dealing with a death in his family during his formative teenage years. The Dailystrength site is currently owned by ShareCare which has WebMD as its parent company. Since 2006 the site has grown exponentially and what is worth noting is how long each user spends on the site, and how many pages they on average read each visit. The daily average user spends eighty two minutes on the site per visit viewing more than one hundred and forty pages; which is phenomenal by any standards and goes to prove the depth of support people are both seeking and receiving on the Dailystrength site.

Dailystrength is the Perfect Social Networking Platform to Help People facing Adversity

And so Dailystrength is a platform for people to network socially; typically each member remaining anonymous as they get involved and participate in the area that most interests them from their own personal experiences. If they have survived and overcome the adversity; they give generously their time, advice and understanding to those still in the midst of their related hardship. That only a cancer survivor can understand what a cancer sufferer is going through is abundantly clear from the heart felt support and assistance given to those currently suffering by those who have been there too. Often there is no advice to give; but simply having someone to talk to who understands is enough of a boost in strength for the current sufferer to rise above their problem and to engineer their own solution. While at the end of the day we are all alone in this world, Dailystrength helps us to less alone when facing the complexities of high stress times that sooner or later confront us all.

Join Dailystrength and Get Involved; it is Free and Easy to Do

Joining the Dailystrength web site social network is free and very easy to do. After choosing your user name and providing email details and a preferred password, and some basic demographic details about your date of birth, you are able to then login and complete your profile. This means that you can add an avatar or photo and also some other information about yourself; all of which is optional and not necessary. Thereafter, you are free to navigate the site which is broken down into main general categories of problems that confront people ranging from relationship and sexual issues to depression or cancer. Under each main category there will be further ways to drill down into the specific are of interest that you wish to engage in. At this level, each subject area is in a forum type format where all posts are group by a new item and all replies to that item showing in chronological order of when they were posted under the first post. If any subject line interests you, you can click on it to read the complete thread of what it is about and all the replies that have been forthcoming from other members of the site.

There’s a Lot of Great Kharma at Dailystrength

And by this method, of engaging with people who need your thoughts and wisdom on handling a similar situation; or alternative just giving people a safe and respected place for them to talk about their issue with compassionate people responding with words of encouragement people become bound together in support groups and this is the underlying tone and philosophy of the entire Dailystrength community. People are what they are, and will rise to the occasion as needed. Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends, and this is exactly what happens on the Dailystrength site. To dig deeper into the expert opinions contained within the site, it is a simple matter to search use key words in the ìExpert Answerî section. Alternatively, the blog section has an excellent range of general health topics that most people would benefit from even if they have no existing health issue that they know of. Overall, the Dailystrength is particularly easy to use, has no obvious commercialization whatsoever and is a wonderful resource for people to go to when they are faced with an adversity that effects their health or happiness.