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DailyMiles is a Social Networking Site for People Doing Workouts

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One of the most wonderful things about the Internet, especially with web 2.0 where we users are able to get involved and contribute to web site content has been the birth of the mega trend called social networking. Things started with the platform that enabled users to log in and make comments, much like with blogs and forums. Then came membership sites, usually free that enabled people to develop their own profiles of information and at least one picture and to leave comments and to personally message friends and to have friends in their contact lists. And then this has all expanded exponentially with mobile phones becoming smart, so that people could use their Android or iPhones to continue interacting even when they were not in front of their computers. And from all of this spawned MySpace and FaceBook which were purely social in context, based around our friends and finding and connecting to them; even if they were from long ago in high school.

Over recent years, the focus of the social networking mega trend has been the formation of a large array of niche social networks, each based around a specific interest or activity. That interest could be based on TV shows, or on a religion, a professional area for work and making business contacts, or it could be around a sport.

Maintaining Motivation with the DailyMiles Network

DailyMile is one such social network and it is all based around a community of people who run for fun. It is a social group of like minded people who all actively encourage each other to be the best they can be, and the numbers are staggering. So far, DailyMile has been the platform on which its members have collectively completed more than twelve million five hundred thousand workouts, running a total recorded eighty five million miles. While it is primarily about running, the site is just as useful for cyclists, swimmers and walking activities as well as other fitness training. Starting around the workout, people plan and record their courses and how often and when they have completed them and at what times and results they achieved.

One of the biggest problems with running, walking, swimming and other typically solo activities is that it gets lonely, and so motivation can quickly fade. By missing just one day when motivation is low, that can quickly result in no training done for a month and this is exactly how people drop out of their regular fitness routine. Whereas DailyMile is all about removing that isolation; simply because people are constantly interacting and reporting their experiences to each other. By building up a network of friends on the site, and them seeing our results we have a natural desire to keep going with our routines.

Opening Your Account with DailyMiles is Quick, Easy and Free

Opening your free account is a very simple matter of registering your name, email address and password. When your account is first opened, the set up wizard encourages you to enter your twitter and FaceBook login details so that so what you report and record on the DailyMile site will also be uploaded to your accounts on the other social networks. It all helps to build community and to integrate our lives in ways that our friends and family can share in our experiences.

The first thing to do after creating your DailyMile account is to fill out all the details of your profile, including uploading your picture or avatar if you have one. The more information you provide, the easier it is for other members to relate to you and make friends. With your completed profile, then the imperative is to create a log of your workout, and the information is easy to enter in terms of the course you took, how long a distance it is, how long it took you and how you felt about this particular workout.

Track and Record Your Progress with Each Workout on DailyMiles

Over time, this builds up a complete history of your commitment to your training and you are able to look back and see performance improvements that have occurred over any period. It is often quite a surprise to see just how many miles we have walked or run over the course of a few months or a year; all of which provides us with encouragement to continue our efforts. In fact the maintaining of your personal log becomes a large part of your motivation, because not only are you satisfied that you have the right thing at the end of a workout, we all look forward to updating our log for the record. It becomes part of our reason for sticking with our workouts.

DailyMiles Works with Smart Phones and iPhones

Equally fun and rewarding is that you can upload photographs and videos to your account of perhaps events you have competed in or the places and terrain you do your workouts in. It all helps to bond us to a community of like minded people which collectively all helps us to stay focused and motivated to being the best we can be. It all ceases to be such a lonely endeavor done in isolation unobserved by anyone else.

The menu system is particularly easy to use with an easy to navigate system from the top menu bar to where you want to go. There is a huge range of existing routes already uploaded by others, and you can search for the ones nearest to you. And because the DailyMile web site is fully integrated and adapted for use by smart phones and iPhones, tracking your own GPS movements on a route is very simple to do. Just download the route you wish to take, and then use your mobile phone top navigate it for you. And of course this also enables you to upload any pictures or videos you have taken along the way; live during the workout if you wanted to. DailyMile is an excellent and well thought out web site that builds community and support for distance workout people.