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Leverage The Power of CrowdSourcing With CrowdTap

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The power of choice has never been more evident than it is today. Consumers have more knowledge than they ever did years ago, thanks to the internet and even more, consumers now realize the tremendous power that they possess. Enterprises go to great lengths to influence conversations just to get positive response and reviews but it is not an easy task and marketers from even the best known brands know how difficult it is influence, much more control conversations. This presents a very challenging scenario for enterprises and brands because, as they plan new products and revitalize existing ones, getting a feel of market reaction is critical. They must know how the market will react to their products, how the market is changing in relation to existing products and to achieve this, focus groups will not suffice.

Crowdsourcing as a concept evolved as a result of the raw energy possessed by the critical mass of internet users. Today, as far as brands are concerned, Social Influence has become a powerful metric by which a brand’s clout on the social web is measured. Social media has also made it possible for people open up willingly and provide vital feedback for free or for just a little reward. The fact is, if the product or service affects them, most people would want to contribute towards its design and creation. Tapping into this raw energy has enabled many enterprises and brands to elicit invaluable feedback saving them a lot of money otherwise spent on less accurate and more expensive market research. The challenge typically faced by most brand marketers is the inability to influence conversations going on around their brands and this is unsurprising considering the protective manner in which internet users guard their space from real and perceived marketers who are overtly trying to convince them. Thus marketers must be able to subtly influence these conversations and provide an outlet through which internet users will express themselves and help the brand grow.

CrowdTap, one of the pioneering platforms in the increasingly powerful concept of Social Influence Marketing is leading the way in helping brands to harness the power inherent in millennials’ online presence to strengthen their influence. When you sign up with CrowdTap as a member, you have the opportunity to try free samples from your favorite brands, the most popular ones in the market too. This is provided in exchange for important feedback, photos as well as opinions. CrowdTap rewards members who actually provide feedback that has great value and quality.

For brands that want to tap the power in a crowd and ignite social content about their brands, CrowdTap offers amazing opportunities. Today, by leveraging its SaaS platform, CrowdTap has been able to work with some the top brands in achieving their goal of exerting more influence on the social web via social content. Some of these brands are, Pepsi, P&G, Campbell’s, Hershey’s, Clorox, Kia and Nestle. Inspiration is the name of the game at CrowdTap and the result is stunning as consumers and social influencers get into the ‘groove’ and start contributing to the content creation effort for the brands that they love. By using CrowdTap, enterprises also have access to realtime insights which give them the kind of intelligence with which they can make key marketing decisions.

Signing Up to Use CrowdTap

Signing up to use CrowdTap is a very simple process. It is totally devoid of any extensive registration processes or numerous fields to fill in a form. None of all that at all. Simply get to the homepage at and click the ‘Sign Up With Facebook’ button. It is located at eye-level and when you click on it, a small window opens requesting you to log into your Facebook account if you are not logged in. When you are logged in, you will be informed that the CrowdTap app wishes to access your profile. Click ‘Okay’ to permit it or ‘Cancel’ if you would rather not proceed. Clicking ‘Okay’ would complete the process. You may then proceed to check your email for any information sent by CrowdTap.

Costs of Using CrowdTap

CrowdTap has two sides; members and enterprises. As a platform with members, CrowdTap is able to offer to enterprises, the opportunity to connect with its members to get quality feedback by offering them samples of products. Members on the CrowdTap platform do not pay for anything as signing up is absolutely free. Enterprises contact CrowdTap directly to transact business with them based on their needs.

Benefits of Using CrowdTap

CrowdTap enables both parties to reap tremendous rewards over and over again. Of course, the benefit to both parties are different and summarized separately below:

  • Members: CrowdTap gives out over $100,000 in prizing each month to its members. As a member, new products are available as samples and only in return for quality feedback as well as creating some great content such as photos, videos etc and sharing them on social media. Members even host sponsored events and actually compete with their peers to see whose event gets the most traction and glam. Being a member of CrowdTap is fun, all the way and all it takes is connecting to do the things you love doing daily such as taking pictures, creating videos and hosting parties.
  • Enterprises: Growing social influence is one of the most potent outcomes of using the CrowdTap platform. CrowdTap helps brands to connect with consumers on the social web and thereby, gaining very deep insights about the brand’s customers. This ensures that the brand is able to build valuable relationships that will strengthen their brands in the minds of their target market. Connection to passionate consumers is critical and this is most possible via collaborative marketing which is the service CrowdTap offers brands. Thus, by leveraging this platform, customer satisfaction is achieved and brand loyalty fortified.