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What is the service provided by CreateSpace?

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In the year 2009, specifically the month of October, the owners of CreateSpace and BookSurge decided to join forces under the former’s name. By allowing the merge, the route in becoming a frontrunner, in terms of publishing and manufacturing for independent film studios,authors, music labels, etc., can smoothly be achieved by the management.

There are a number of reasons why online selling has become very famous over the past years: Potential customers are far greater, revenues of merchants will increase, and because it is effortless to manage. For only a portion of the expense of the customary way of producing items, CreateSpace enables its users to sell online and have the authority to direct over their items. You read that right! Music, books, and videos can be sold and handed over with the use of the internet–retail businesses, bookstores, libraries, various organizations, and even your custom-made website.

CreateSpace, a company of Amazon, uses social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to increaseweb traffic and accommodate its current and future customers.

How to make an account on CreateSpace:

Having “” as the URL of an internet browser, the page should display the form in making a new account.CreateSpace will ask for an e-mail address since it will serve as identification for logging in. Entering the password once is not adequate simply because the website has a field requiring the person to re-enter it once again. First name and last name are part of the form’s components, and for that reason, should not be left up in the air or unanswered. After selecting a country, the expected account holder should choose which type of media s/he is giving thought of bringing to the public:Audio, video, book, or combinations of it. “I’m not sure yet” is also an available option. CreateSpace can conduct free consultation, upon request of the user, to make him or her aware of the website’s services. When there are new upgrades and updates, a message will be sent to a person’s e-mail address. That is if s/he put a check mark after “Send me Updates and Promotions.” The contact details of the user will not be sold by virtue of the privacy policy. When the user is certain about the encoded information, s/he may proceed by clicking “Create My Account.”

The next step would be reading through the website’s terms and conditions. If the person accepts to observe the specifics of the agreement, s/he should click the first option and proceed to the next page.

To have the e-mail address verified, the customized link indicated on the message could be clicked open. If problems arise, the impending user can have the stated code typed in as confirmation.

Perks of having an account on CreateSpace:

With the use of online tools that are free of charge, featured on the website, publishing can be done quicker and trouble-free. The printed media can be transported to the different states of America, and as well as the countries of Europe. For free, utilizing tools that are not too difficult to handle generates Kindle eBooks. At whatever time is convenient for the user, s/he may gain access to free digital proofing tocatch a glimpse of the cover and interior of the media online. CreateSpace users receive royalty rates, which are outstanding for businesses, get excellent assistance from its member support all the time and always (24/7), and so much more additional benefits.

Making use of CreateSpace:

A person can either publish a film, book, or music.Over and above that, the process is manageable and affordable, too! For example, you want to focus on books. Click the tab “Books,” and consider subcategories like resellers and libraries, professional services, independent book publishing, and enterprise. In this case, the person opted for trade paperback under independent book publishing. Once the page loads, a short description is provided by the website, making it all the more enticing to use. The page has other tabs to be explored: Overview, options for printing, distribution, buying copies, cover and interior, and royalties, too. If you feel confident about the description, select “Create a book.”

Part of setting up the new venture is giving a name for it. The maximum number for the characters is two hundred fifty-five (255), with a combination of letters, numbers, and even special characters. If you have a suspicion that it still lacks the essence of project’s totality, redo the title before presenting for review. With the choices of paperback, MP3, audio CD, digital video, or sometimes versatile, disc (DVD), and video download, choose which of the given is the project’s classification. The third step would be deciding the setup procedure. There are two (2) options: Guided and Expert. For new users, it is recommended by the website to select the former for the reason that it is simpler and beginner-friendly. The latter, on the other hand, are for users who have grown accustomed with CreateSpace’s process.

The next page will be asking for inputs in the following fields: Subtitle, primary author, and contributors. Also specify if the book you are about to publish is a series, to keep future readers wanting for more. If it is a series, there should be a given title and volume. Set down the edition number, main language used in the book, and date of publication. If all entries are valid, click “Save and Continue.”

The succeeding step would be choosing an ISBN, applied for identification, for the book. The person accomplishing the form can either select a free ISBN that was made by CreateSpace, or you can provide your own one.

As for the book’s interior, whether it is .docs, .doc, .rtf, or .pdf, upload the file to complete the process. Contact the website’s professional team to enhance your book’s appearance like margins and fonts. Once the interior type has also been determined, you are two steps away from completing the setup process.

The book cover can either have a matte or glossy touch, depending on what you want. Creating a cover online is free and you will be able to be really involved in the project. If you want to save the trouble of making one, with just $399, you will be able to hire a team of expert cover designers. Or if you already have one, just upload it on the page.