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Body art and tattoos have been around for thousands of years. The ancient tribes on every continent have tattooed their bodies for cultural and religious reasons since ink and the tools to inject them were first developed. In history we find evidence of tattoos on the Inca tribes of South America, through to more modern times with the organized crime families of the Yakuza in Japan, and the jail house tattoos of the prison population. Even the Merchant Navy personnel of the last few hundred years had their own way to adorn their bodies with ink. And in the current western populations we find the masses piercing their bodies and tattooing themselves as a mark of their individualism, to be cool and rebellious; defiant to societyís norms ñ to be an outside. Such is the explosion of those people permanently tattooing themselves that it has become the new normal. Today to be different means to not tattoo yourself because tattooing has become form of a fashion statement; a demonstration that you can withstand the pain while choosing a tattoo design that is in some way meant to be artistic and impressive. The minute details of many tattoos often resemble Dali styled art forms, with patterns and surreal pictures within pictures, with a variety of colors and meanings ñ all having a story to tell about why the person chose the design.

Name Your Design Budget, Specify What You Want, in 14 Days the Design Winner will be Known

Create My Tattoo has a very interesting business model all focused around the desire of tens of millions of people to choose their tattoo design. The owners of Create My Tattoo know that most people often see their tattooís design as a way of seeking coolness and attention not just for their tattoo, but are also attention seeking in the decision making process to get one or more of them. It is a costly, painful and life long decision that can easily lower job prospects and upset conservative family and friends ñ it is not a decision taken lightly. And they want many other people to interrogate them about what the design means and to show interest in the person, to learn the story behind it. And so Create My Tattoo have structured their business model around people creating their membership and conducting a contest for designers to compete for the best design they can submit according to the personís design specifications. Creating the account is very simple and straight forward, and so is creating your tattoo design contest. After opening your account, you click to create a new contest and nominate what the prize money will be ñ the minimum prize being twenty dollars, yet those seeking a much more intricate design know that they will only get something special if the offer in the hundreds of dollars. In that sense, users get what they pay for ñ small prize money will get small effort from the more than ten thousand tattoo designers registered with Create My Tattoo to submit their designs.

Create Your Contest, Pay in the Prize Money, Let the Fun Begin

Once the new member has set about creating their tattoo design contest, they submit a detailed brief about what they are seeking; and the more information provided the better when describing what it is that you are seeking. Your design should have a theme or concept that the designers who will submit their designs can work within. That is, you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what message you want to send to whoever is going to see it. Your tattoo os all about making a statement; so decide what that statement is and tell the contest entrants in the contest so as to encourage the best designers to get involved. This issue goes to where it will be done on your body; either privately to only be seen during intimate moments and otherwise not known to anyone that you have the tattoo, versus perhaps something large, colorful and prominent that will invite discussion because it will be seen by so many. You should picture the colors, the size, where on the body it will be and what general patterns and other information will be helpful to the designers. If you do not know what you want, how are the designers ever able to understand your needs?

The More Detail you Provide the Better

Choosing your budget for the prize money is an important issue; no one is going to do your design work for free; and the higher the prize money the more designs you will have submitted. All contests last for fourteen days, and you want a serious level of buzz to surround your contest. And this will all come down to the size of the prize money you put up, and how interesting your design specification sounds. It is entirely up to you; but do understand that before your contest is published for others to read, you must pay into the Create My Tattoo web site the prize money where it is held in escrow, so that no designers have to worry about getting paid at the end of the design contest. Designers who are interested will set to work sketching out design ideas for you, and there can be discussion back and forth as you clarify your needs with intending bidders. At the end of the contest period, you select which design most pleases you, if any at all do. They are award to content prize money after they deliver to you fully finished design drawings that you can then take to any tattoo artist you wish for them to ink you up permanently. If you are unable to select a design that you want; that is if there is no contest winner, then you are refunded the money you paid into Create My Tattoo and everyone misses out.