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Crafty Crafter: 3 Ways to Make Money Selling Crafts Online

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So, you have a collection of homemade crafts you have put all of your efforts into creating. Now comes the hard part, getting people to buy them. You might have a craft sale, a garage sale of sorts. You could try your local flea market or swap meet. If you are really anxious to sell your crafts you might even put up a booth at a craft show. However, there is another option. Sell your crafts online.

If you have ever spent any time online, you have no doubt heard of eBay. Did you know eBay has an entire category dedicated to crafts? A sub-category exists for most crafts from scrapbooks to jewelry and everything in between. The downside is it will cost you a small insertion fee and a certain percentage if it sells. However, if you price your crafts accordingly you can make a profit.

For some, paying fees and the complexity of using eBay can be intimidating at first. There is another option. Consider Craigslist, one of the most active free classifieds out there. It costs nothing, is simple to use, and you can post an unlimited number of items. Each ad allows you to post 4 pictures and a detailed description. Many crafters have found Craigslist to be invaluable asset when it comes to making money from their crafts.

Before you sell on eBay, Craigslist, or any other online market, you might play with the idea of creating your own website. With the relatively cheap cost of hosting and the option to create a website yourself using a number of online website building applications, having your own website is more than just an option. It is almost a necessity. Having a website may take more work, but can bring customers you would have never had otherwise.

When using these 3 techniques, you will find that your sales increase and you may build a solid reputation in the online world. There are many more options to consider. However, these techniques will set you on the right track to selling your crafts online.