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Cowbird Review

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If you love to tell stories about specific private stuff like your life, or about your family then Cowbird will prove worthy. Cowbird provides users with a manageable group or a simple community of individuals who tell stories. By providing users with such a story teller’s community, Cowbird makes storytelling unique and interesting in a lot of ways.

How do I sign up for Cowbird?

Signing up for Cowbird is extraordinarily easy. First you will have to open up the Cowbird website in your internet browser. The website address for Cowbird is However if you are unable to click on the link to access the Cowbird website, simply copy and paste the link into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL and again press “Enter”. Immediately you do this, you will find the Cowbird page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top right corner a tab which has a blue background and reads “Join Cowbird” this tab is so peculiar and it is the only section on the menu tab which has a different background colour from all the rest. Click on this tab the moment you have identified it and when you have done so, it will immediately lead you to a new website page that has an empty form that you will fill out. The form is titled Joining “Cowbird is a breeze” fill in this for step by step with the appropriate information. At the top of the form, fill in your name, after this, follow it with your email address. This email address is what you will be using to access your newly formed account and therefore be precise about it and ensure that it is memorable. Once you are done with the email address fill in the unique password that you intend to use. This password will also be used to access you newly created account. The final part of this form “you” is the most interesting part of all. Here you will fill in a summary about you and your videos to provide a simple overview of your aims and objectives in using Cowbird. Once you are done do not leave the small box that demands you to agree with the terms and conditions of Cowbird usage. When you are through with this click on either of the two blue boxes that offers you the option to either becoming a “member” or a “citizen” if you become a member no charges will apply onto you, however if you become a citizen you will be charged an amount of $5 a month. On clicking the member option you will still be able to enjoy the services offered by Cowbird but only to a lesser percentage. Still you will be able to form, and develop your videos and also share them. The moment you click on either of the options, you will immediately be redirected to anew window that will actually confirm if you have successfully signed up for Cowbird. It will also show that a confirmation mail has been sent to your account and ask you to click on the blue tab at the bottom section marked “continue” in order to confirm your membership. Once you click on this blue tab you will be redirected to Cowbird’s website home page. Once here you will find that the original part that you had started by clicking when you wanted to sign up for Cowbird, “Join Cowbird” has now changed to orange and is asking you to instead “Please Confirm Your Account” to confirm the creation of your account simply find the mail that has been sent to you in your email account and find the confirmation mail that Cowbird has sent you. Once you have located it amongst the other unread emails, click on it. You will find the email welcoming you to Cowbird and in the middle is a link marked “confirm your membership” click onto this link. Once you click on to this link you will be instantly taken to a new web window with a welcoming note to show that your signing up is successful and a blue tab beneath it labeled “continue” when you click on to this tab you will be taken immediately to your account. Start customizing your account and enjoy Cowbird.

Merits of Cowbird

With Cowbird you will be able to create videos and audios about any aspect of your life and continuously build a diary that contains progressive updates of each and every development that they have made. This way you will be able to remain fascinated by Cowbird and also keep, improve, and manage most of the video projects that you have come up with.

Cowbird also gives the story tellers community a chance to work collaboratively on projects that depict their united interests and objectives as users of that account or community. This will allow you as a member to benefit greatly from the knowledge that has been shared between you and others during such projects. These projects are famously known us “sagas” and tend to relate with various human aspects in daily lives.

You will also find Cowbird very effective as it will provide you with typographies, info-graphics and also allow you to load photos. This way Cowbird will give you enough services to ensure that you get the best videos possible and tell the greatest stories through them.

By going to a deep and private level in storytelling, Cowbird has captured a niche which most storytelling platforms have dread. In doing so Cowbird has proved to be the most exceptional storytelling platform and therefore managed to differentiate itself from the rest.

Also by incorporating creation, sharing and collaboration in storytelling, Cowbird has indeed contributed to an online permanent bank for stories something that no other storytelling platform has managed to do.

Cowbird features include a story editor that users can work with to create and keep audiovisual diaries, collaborative productions that Cowbird users enjoy usage of the saga themes to prepare effective story lines and above all the presentation tools that Cowbird provides for storytelling. In summary Cowbird simply makes story telling fun, accessible, and effective.