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Using to Find Printable, Grocery, and Online Coupons

Found In: Deals offers a modernized way of acquiring coupons by making the most of what advances in online technology we have nowadays. Basically, it is a public website that operates a promotion platform to connect great brands and retailers with consumers through the web, mobile, and social channels. offers digital coupons to consumers, including printable coupons, save-to-card coupon, loyalty card promotions, and coupon codes for e-commerce. They only not serve the consumers but also the brands, retailers, and publishers who seek them for advertising. is the leading name in digital coupons and it is continuously revolutionizing this multi-billion dollar promotion industry into an ultra modern one.

How do I register for a account?

Though you can access’s extensive list of digital and printable coupons without creating an account, there are a number of products and services that you can’t really utilize without one. Signing up for an account is actually free, so what would you have to lose by creating one?

The registration process is also extremely easy. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the in your internet browser. If you are unable to access the site using the given link, just copy and paste the link into your browser’s URL bar or just simply type it, and press Enter. Once you’ve opened their website, you’ll immediately see a logo of a person near the “Sign In” link in the uppermost, right corner of the page. As soon as you mouse over that logo, a dropdown option will show you a “Sign Up” link. Click that and the window will refresh into a “Sign Up for” page.

If you have an active Facebook account and if you don’t want the hassle of a creating new one on a different website, you could choose to sign up using your Facebook. Just click the “Sign Up with Facebook” link to do so. A new window will come into view, and if you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account with the device you’re using, you will be first asked to fill in your Facebook’s email address and password, then you would have to click “Log In” to continue. The window will then refresh and will show all the information that will be gaining access to in your Facebook account. If you don’t mind sharing those data with, then just click “Okay”. You would then be automatically redirected to’s homepage and you could start checking out their deals and services.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use your Facebook account then you could just simply make a new one by filling out the form found on the same “Sign Up for” page. The information that you would need to fill in is your current email address and a password which should be between 4 to 10 characters long. You could also choose to receive a weekly Supersaver and other special offers, as well as offers from’s partners in your email by checking the box that corresponds to these options. After filling out everything, just click the “Sign Up” link to continue, and you would then be automatically redirected to’s homepage, and you could immediately start searching, printing, and claiming digital coupons, coupon codes, card linked offers, and loyalty coupons.

Note that by signing up by either of the abovementioned methods, you are also automatically agreeing to’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So maybe before clicking the sign up link, you would want to actually read the said terms just to be sure that you really say yes with everything in it. If you find the agreement and the policy satisfactory, then you could continue with your registration.

Costs involved

For consumers and shoppers, signing up and searching through coupon offers are totally free. You even got to the following free of charge:

  • Pore over the extensive list of coupons and coupon codes that you could use
  • “Clip” digital coupons and print it
  • Get coupon codes you could use to shop online
  • Add your store loyalty cards to directly save to your card the coupons available from your favorite stores
  • Link your debit or credit card to directly add offers you could use upon purchase
  • Share your favorite coupons with family and friends through social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) mobile app, which works with Android and Apple mobile devices, could also be downloaded and installed for free. You could take advantage of all the benefits of with just a swipe of a finger and you even get to experience the following with each mobile device:

  • Get all the coupons you see on
  • Email coupons to print from your desktop computer
  • Add coupons directly to your grocery store loyalty card
  • Print coupons directly from your mobile device to an HP Wireless Printer
  • Find local coupons for businesses in your area

For Apple devices you could also add coupons to your favorite national specialty retailers to Passbook which is a mobile app by Apple.

They also have a number of applications and services for brands, retailers, and publishers. Some of these products and services are the following:

  • Digital FSI Network
  • Bricks®
  • Branded Microsite
  • Brandcaster® Social
  • Print & Mail
  • Audience Xtend™
  • Offer Pods
  • Retailer IQ™
  • Site2Store
  • Cardlink IQ

It won’t actually take much of anyone’s time to figure out how to navigate through Their user interface is easily accessible and pretty easy to understand. The Help and Support page also have detailed answers to commonly asked questions. But if you can’t find the answers to your query there, you could always “Ask Sam”. Their daily updated blog also provides customers useful money-saving tips and more. All their other services for businesses and retailers aren’t just convenient but also unique and actually effective. Through you get to have ideal online coupon service where you could easily find fantastic savings opportunity on your online purchases, and most especially on your everyday grocery needs.