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ConsumerSearch, The Tool That Helps You Make Smarter Purchases

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You and me are no stranger to online purchases. In this age, there may be more purchases made online now than made through physical shops. When you are searching for the best bang for your buck, buying online may be the best bet. To make sure that we make the smartest choice when purchasing, a lot of us depends on user reviews. They are personal, unbiased accounts of the products people have actually used. I, for one spends several hours or even days stitching together a decision based on user reviews. What if this decision-making process is made easier and faster? This is just what ConsumerSearch does.

ConsumerSearch started in 1991 when the founder was looking to buy of a desktop publishing device. Knowing that he had to make an intelligent decision, he had gone through dozens of consumer review and different computer magazines just to make sure he will get the best deal. At the time, that was the only way to ensure one is making the smartest move when purchasing. It was a task that was time consuming and overwhelming. ConsumerSearch the brain-child created to solve this shoppers dilemma.

What is ConsumerSearch?

ConsumerSearch is a website tool that helps people find answers on what items are ranked the best in their class. Their mission is to cut the time it takes shoppers to a make a smart purchase. This process starts as they look all over the Internet and even in print media for user reviews. They then compare and study these reviews and rank them according to their credibility based on their developed criteria. The website is an integrated a search analysis tool. Users can use whichever of these tools that they find most useful.

This company knows that the backbone for a business such as theirs is reliability and integrity. ConsumerSearch strives to make their content as objective and precise as possible or else, people will think that they are just another form of advertisement for specific products. They claim that they are not in any way influenced by advertisers goal and that their goal is to report the truth in their analysis.

How Does ConsumerSearch Work

The company rank the reviews for credibility in choosing the best among a multitude of products or services. The highest ratings go to the ones that are the result of tests and of that that gives documentation of their test criteria and other methodologies. On the other hand, the website gives lower ratings to advertisements.

The ranking reflects how relevant the review is for that given category. It also reflects how that review meets the set criteria of ConsumerSearch. Article ratings also decay over time as they become dated.

The editors of ConsumerSearch evaluates review by these criteria, assigning 1 as the lowest and 5 as the highest rating for each. They then averages the result.

* How timely is the review compared to others.
* The credibility of the reviewer’s picks compared to others.
* The thoroughness of the methods, tests, and analysis.
* The expertise of the reviewer. Is this reviewer an expert or qualified to judge?

A review that compares many products, as compared to just a few, will receive better rating. They side for reviews that cover many products across different categories and also when a reviewer has documented a testing for that product.

ConsumerSearch has a timely and relevant information for its users. They update their reports and analysis as new information becomes available. They are also open to user comments and suggestions to help them better the service that they are doing.

How To Use

At the company’s main page,, you are presented with a search bar so you could start immediately. ConsumerSearch analyzes all the product reviews so you can make the smartest move in a fraction of the time.

ConsumerSearch is free to use without any sign-up needed. You won’t be asked for your e-mail address or any other kind of information. You can start looking for a product in an instant.

You can also browse the expansive categories ranging from Home and Garden, Health & Beauty, Electronic, Computer and Internet, Kitchen, Family and Pets, Fitness and Sports, and Automotive.

After entering the product name or model on the search bar, ConsumerSearch collects the best reviews of the product you are inquiring about. Second, they analyze the reviews and ranks them, showing you the top products first in each category. A picture of the product is shown in the left side and three choices will be available for each product category: the “Top Best Reviewed”, “What To Look For”, and the “Full Report”.

The results will also include individual products that are of the closest match for the product you’re looking for. A list of items will be displayed starting from the best-reviewed to the least favoured. Each product will have two columns of information: the Pros and Cons so you can see an overview of the good and bad points at a glance. The date of which it is reviewed is also displayed as well the estimated price. The price estimate is an approximate based on the market selling prices. Note that the actual prices may differ in your local stores. Clicking the “Specs and Reviews” under the product picture will take you to the technical specs of that item.

This recent year, they launch a beta version of other categories such as Counter-top and Hand Blenders, Fruit Processors, Juicers, Stand-Mixers, and other appliance.

With consumer needs rising, the quest for purchasing a quality product is even more of an importance. Since people trusts user testimonials the most, because these are hopefully true accounts of their experience with the product, it is a smart move of ConsumerSearch to give shoppers a tool that will help the process easier and faster.