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Click Time – Clever Timesheet Tracking and Billing Application

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

Management consultants over the many decades have always had a fascination for time and motion studies; to measure and cost out the amount of time it takes for workers to complete a set task. This has always been especially true for repetitive tasks such as the output of process workers who do that same thing many times each day. And that by these means they can have their effectiveness and efficiency measured and money be budgeted for ongoing productivity levels being maintained at the same or similar rate. But all of these time and motion studies did involve someone standing over the employee with a stop watch and a clip board to take notes of the productivity achieved for the time taken and so the study itself tended to become an expensive part of the total production operation. The cost of the worker alone could only be the most significant component if the cost of supervisors and management were able to be amortized across a large number of workers and their collective output. Much of that has now changed because of the internet and the nature of work done by large parts of the community. That is; massive numbers of people now work at the computer and as such, by running software their work can be assessed and measured at a very low cost when compared to the cost of management consultants.

Resoucres Planning, Reporting and Budgeting are Easy with Click Time

Click Time is a web site that operates as a ìsoftware as a serviceî business and it has been in operation since 1997; almost the dawn of the Internet when we still labored under Windows 3.1 and Internet Explorer 1; back in the days of Netscape Navigator. It was launched by the two Mann brothers as a service offered by their Mann Consulting to meet the needs of corporate clients who were dissatisfied with alternative software solutions. Over the next two years Click Time matured into a robust application and it was spun off as a separate company two years later in 1999. Its primary functions serve to capture timesheet information for computer based workers; such data then being suited for billing and payroll issues as well as productivity time tracking and cost accounting purposes. SO as to gain the most out of the Click Time system, its output data ports directly into Quicken and many other accounting systems as well as the larger and most popular Customer Relationship Management and human Resource Management systems using the XML export file format. More than just timesheet tracking and data capture, Click Time also embraces expense tracking and resources planning.

Opening a Free Click Time Account Only Takes Seconds

Creating a free trial account with Click Time is simple and easy enough to do, and after logging in you will have access to Click Timeís extensive dashboard from which you can use and customize your preferences. That is, you can set up your clients by name or number and then allocate each one of them the way in which you engage with them whether it be by hourly rate, job, milestone or other potential methods. And you can create your charging rate accordingly. If you are the manager of the firm or human resources process, then you have the power to allocate various human resources to projects or clients and to allocate budgets to them as needs dictate. As matters proceed and billing cycles come and conclude, employees and managers are able to interrogate the Click Time system with any of the forty predefined management reports that come with the system; alternative you can work with the Report Builder to custom design your own report to meet your specific needs.

The Moduilar Design of Click Time is highly Customizable

One of the benefits is that everything about Click Time is modular and customizable. You can change the design and functionality of your dashboard and add extra panels to it to highlight progressive reporting. Typically most people want to have the calendar as part of their individual and group dashboard so as to visually be able to see what is going on and on which days. And typically managers wish to add a variety of progress information type reports in graphical formats so as to see at a glance where projects are at thus far and what projects perhaps are falling behind or are at risk of not making a milestone for a client. The Click Time system is extensive in its functionality and its modular design does cut across much more than just time sheet recording. It has developed into being a vital component or data source or enterprise or resource planning systems which are in fact quite remiss for not having Click Time functionality already built into them.

Click Time Could be Improved with Automated Time Keeping

On the downside, it all still relies on human beings entering data in a timely fashion for the system to be useful. And given the human propensity to tell lies at every opportunity, it seems a nonsense to trust what they enter into their time sheet account records because such data is too easy to fudge and fake. Especially for computer professionals where the work is always done at a keyboard, there are superior products to Click Time that seamlessly track what the worker is doing without them ever needing to enter information about how they have filled their day. For example, and application called ìdesk Timeî is easy to install and it runs silently from when the computer is first turned on. And it tracks what is being done on the computer at all times. It captures information about which application is being worked with, which web sites are being used and it defines these issues as either work related or not. Even excess time at the water cooler is tracked as inactivity. Click Time would be the best of breed application for time sheet tracking if they could solve the problem of needing humans to be honest when entering their timesheet data.