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Using Citysearch to Pinpoint Reputable Businesses

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Citysearch, with the web address of, helps anyone to look for a local business in a city or neighborhood. The website is a business operated by CityGrid Media, another site helping the promotion of local businesses. Citysearch was founded in the year 1995 and it focuses on local businesses and communities. At the present time, the site offers the “Best of Citysearch” feature allowing users to vote on any restaurant, kid-friendly eateries, day spas, hair salons, or any other business, which they really favor. The feature also serves as a venue where users can keenly engage and easily locate what is the “best” in a specific type of place.

How do you create a Citysearch account?

For one to become a user, one must create an account. To do so, on the upper right corner, click on “JOIN CITYSEARCH NOW!” A white box will appear containing two options: One is to “Sign In With Facebook” where aspiring users can use their Facebook account to sign up; or to give their e-mail address and provide a password. Choosing the first option, “Sign In With Facebook,” will just connect one’s Facebook account with that of Citysearch, allowing the site (Citysearch) to use the public profile, friend list, e-mail address, News Feed, birthday, status update, and current city. The second option is for the user to provide his or her e-mail address, a password, first name, last name, and zip code. For the password, it must contain at least six (6) characters and at least one (1) number, with no special characters. The secret word or phrase, as much as possible, should not be the habitual birthday combination since it is easy to crack. There are a number of advanced hacking tools and systems. Account holders should take the necessary precautions to avoid being victimized by hackers. The password will be asked to be typed twice, and must match each other to ensure that the password is correct. Clicking the orange button “Join” means that a person accepts the sites terms of agreement and policies. After, another box will appear asking the new user to open the e-mail address s/he provided to confirm the newly created account. If the verification code is not found in the mail, the website can be requested to send it again or the soon-to-be user can check his or her spam folder. It is that easy, and not to mention, extremely convenient.

Upon confirmation of the account, it allows users to check out restaurants, bars and clubs, spas, etc., located in any state in the United States. For example, choosing Restaurants, in the upper hand corner of the website, will show different places like that of Manhattan Restaurants. Clicking so will direct the user to a list of the types of restaurants one may be looking for in Manhattan, located in the city of New York, with one restaurant atop of all the others with the heading “Recommended by Our Experts.” The types of restaurants may be in the list of Special Features, Cuisines, Restaurant Classes, or Categories. These lists can easily help users into looking for a particular restaurant in a specific place with just a click of a button. This site also hosts Google Maps helping users easily locate the place s/he is looking for.

Points to consider about reviews:

Feedbacks can either build or break a company. Appraisal, whether it is displayed online or written on a magazine, is a component that a customer considers before deciding to buy a product or avail a service. A Citysearch user can place only one review per business, a policy, which should be honored by all. Making multiple accounts to write reviews for a single restaurant, for example, technically violates the rule. The main purpose of the website is to endorse other organizations. That being the case, evaluations should not be mixed with personal feelings. Having an objective approach signifies that it is not based on facts and it also acknowledges illogical reasoning. Posting subjective opinions are not built on credibility and should be refrained.

To increase the validity of words, a person who is planning to write a review should only include relevant information. S/he must put importance to aspects or components that future visitors and customers will be acquainted with. If the commentator shuddered away from the served dish, for instance, s/he must state pertinent details on why that is so. In spite of the fact that it was a bad experience, the reviewer should demonstrate the quality of being respectful and also write back and acknowledge positive things.

Constructive criticisms and how does one take advantage of it?

A reasonable person invites criticisms to knock on his or her doorstep, especially if s/he plans to build character. One characteristic of a headstrong individual is his or her ability to accept criticisms productively, no matter how painful it may be. In order to develop holistically, the person should understand that negative comments would help in the long run. Instead of getting emotional, brush it off and be determined to change for the better. Being the receiving end of a criticism, the individual ought to take baby steps to change. It must not be drastic to ensure its effectiveness.


Citysearch is a website unlike any other for it gives users the power to locate establishments, know about it, and see reviews about it provided by other Citysearch account holders. It is convenient, easy to use, and very user friendly. The website is an avenue to explore, discover, and recommend businesses to people living and travelling in the United States of America. If an organization listed on the site wants to entice more customers, a factor would be the collection of good reviews. Clearly, Citysearch helps in avoiding organizations with bad reviews. But even so, people must deliberate on the fact that everyone has their own preferences. What may be elegant to her or him may not be applicable to other individuals. An acceptable approach to criticisms should be to welcome it.