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Chipin – Perfect Service for Managing Cash Collections Online

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

There can be many reasons to raise money. That is, it could be a fund raiser for a local community or school event, or for someoneís birthday or work related social happening; it could be to cover a group function or a personal cause or humanitarian issue that people will willing support; or it could be to help those affected by a natural disaster where disaster relief is needed urgently to help those in harmís way. It could be for a party or for a gift for someone many people care about; in fact the list of possibilities is almost endless. And yet while there are many safe ways to send money online, there are not necessarily that many ways to market such fund raising in a way that clearer shows the cause, accounts for the funds and processes all the payments in a quick and efficient manner. Yes there is PayPal for receiving payments online in a safe and easy manner; yet PayPal does not have any mechanisms for promoting any type of pure fund raising event.

All Money Collected Paid Directly Into PayPal

However there is such a web site, called Chipin and its entire purpose is to help people to organize their fund raising event for whatever purpose they chose and it does have some very clever functionality to help people. It should be noted however that the Chipin web site is no longer supported by people behind the scenes; yes everything still works as expected; but the web site does not charge fees and ceased to provide human customer service or support since 2006. It is very easy to set up and open your Chipin account. Simply register and confirm your email address and when confirmed it will require you to add your full name and PayPal details; the Paypal account being where the collected funds will be swept into automatically once payments have been received. With this information established, it is then a simple matter of creating a new Chipin campaign, where you name the purpose, the amount to be collected, the date by which it is to be collected and confirmation of the PayPal account to receive the funds.

Publish Your Widget and Chipin Handles the Rest

To assist people to market their fund raiser, there is the widget page where registered users can download a widget for a wide range of web sites including My Space, Type Pad, Widget Box, Blogger, hi5, Blogigo, Frapper, Friendster, Google, My Year Book, Net vibes, Piczo, Tag World, Word press, and Xanga to name those listed on the Chipin web site. The way the widgets work is that you embed them for example on your Word Press blog and it will show graphically how much has been collected so far of the target amount, highlighted in dollars and percentage terms as well as mentioning how many contributors so far and the reason for the collection of the funds. All people who visit your blog or any other site where you are hosting the widget have to do is click on the ìChipinî icon on the widget and it will guide them to making their own contribution or donation to the cause. Thereafter the widget will be updated to reflect their monies as well. The entire Chipin web site is entirely a community service web site, with the developers not even trying to collect advertising revenues for hosting the site. If it ever did have aspirations for making money for the developers, they have long since been abandoned and the site runs unattended and totally free for all users. It is possible, in fact likely though that PayPal will charge their usual fees for any money paid into your account.

It is a Very Open System; Be Sure to check Chipin Collections from Strangers

It stands to reason that a lot of common sense needs to be used with Chipin in the sense that should you ever find such a collection of funds out there in the wild, you must do your own common sense due diligence checking to test the veracity and guine nature of the reason someone is collecting money. This is not a problem if you personally know the collector and the cause; however in cases such as general collections for natural disasters where you do not know of the collection web site or person; it would be wise to test their veracity before handing over PayPal cash to complete strangers. Having said that, it is well known that most charities are a sham and that most of the money they collect is spent funding the collection process. At least with Chipin there are no fees, and presumably the collector is contributing their time and effort free of charge.

Perfect for Corporate Social Club Collections

Of course to promote any collection, and in order for people to use their choice of widgets to be able use the Chipin functions, the widget must be published online somewhere. And this being the case, not everyone has an online presence per se and perhaps donít wish to specifically create for example a My Space account just for the purpose of a collection. Chipin has this situation covered by enabling registered users to create their own space as a sub domain of the Chipin web site so that the widget can be hosted online; and the user can tell everyone about the collections page by whatever means they wish. Indeed, mass email to company wide addresses is one way such collections have been seen to work very well; especially when the collection is specifically for a corporate social event like attending a Christmas party for example. Such an email gets into all relevant peoples hands quickly and efficiently and all those planning to attend are able to pre-pay for their place by clicking the widget in the HTML email that is broadcast to all staff members. All in all, Chipin does an excellent job in a very simple and effective way for handling any collection event.