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It is a digital age and for a busyness’ to survive, especially a smaller business that finds itself competing against the well known big name companies, having a strong platform for all business operations is essential to success. It can be a challenge to know where to turn at times and what methods and procedures will work best. Fortunately, there is a great way to get the business help you need- BrigthPearl. This revolutionary company offers many benefits to business owners of all sizes.

Benefits You Can Enjoy

Streamline your businesses’ complex processes to make business run more smoothly.

  • Reduce manual operations and create automatic processes
  • Ship items faster and more efficiently
  • Manage orders that come in from multiple sources such as web, mail, store, or websites
  • Integrate back-office procedures and business operations
  • Get the full picture of the process involved from order to received shipment

Control your business one item at a time

  • Control 1000s of SKUs from one convenient and easy to use system
  • Have total control as you add, remove, and shift around sales channels
  • Avoid double-selling products or stock-outs of your products
  • Reduce time spent on maintenance and admin work and focus on your business

Full accounting arrangement for actual insight

  • Improve upon the regular retail operations of your business
  • Stop entering data by hand and drastically improve accuracy
  • Produce detailed office and financial data automatically
  • Stay up to date with a current view of your business standing and finances
  • Integrate your website and online presence with current retail channels

Improve the time between final sale and the customer receiving the order

  • Update all of your business accounts and maintain inventory records automatically
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a variety of payment options to offer customers
  • Improve service by utilizing customized and integrated customer communications options
  • Clearly understand how customers interact with you on your site
  • Keep track of the top products and what people have bought or sold the most of

Managing purchases and driving better sales to your business

  • Avoid cashflow shocks and know what trends to expect during the year
  • Improve visibility within the purchasing processes
  • Reduce administration needs and spend more time on sales
  • Enjoy more advanced and more accurate profit analysis

One system for streamline work with the option for many channels

  • Integrate your various channels into one easy to use system
  • Avoid duplicate data entry and unnecessary repetition in your records
  • Control all aspects of buying, selling, inventory, and operations with one system
  • Integrate quickly and easily with the big names like Amazon and eBay
  • Connect your business to the ecommerce engines with worldwide rankings

Signing Up and Getting Started

No credit card is needed to start using BrightPeal, and it is super simple to sign up and get started. Simply fill out your company email and company name to begin the process. You will be brought to a screen that will ask you a few questions about you and your business so that the system can offer a more personalized approach to all that Bright Pearl has to offer. Complete your personal setting and accept the terms of agreements. You will be sent confirmation email that must be verified. Once these simple steps are complete, you are ready to start your 30 day free trial of BrightPeal and you can begin to explore and discover all that this site can do for you and your business in this digital age.

Reach more customers

More channel options and availability, something that you get when you use Brigth Pearl, means more potential clientele and visitors. Many businesses approach this by having separate channels that run independently of each other. With a multiple channel set up like this, each one is dependent on the other and when something goes wrong with on it has a trickledown effect that impacts everything else. Brightpearl’s multichannel software incorporates all channels into one safe and easy to use channel that offers a unified and cohesive view of your business. More channels can be added as your business grows and with the skilled experts at BrightPearl behind you, maintaining and utilizing your multichannel setup is easier than ever! Brightpearl has great connections to many of what are considered to be the world’s leading search engines. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other big name applications are all easily accessed when you are using Brightpearl. You also are now able to see a variety of reports and data compilations regarding sales, inventory, profits, losses, and other aspects of your business operation. With a clear picture and a better understanding of your sales, you can see what is working what is not working and what products are generating the most income for your business. This means you can tailor your orders and future plans to focus on the strong points of your business and begin to phase out the areas that are not working as well.

Brightpearl is a state of the art SaaS based business software system which provides a number of integration options that range in size and scope and offer valuable help, information, and access to different business functions. There are many features that customers can enjoy with the BrigthPearl system including valuable tools such as accounting, ecommerce, projects, purchasing, inventory management, helpdesk, POS, CRM, and sales order management. They also supply a means for businesses to connect with big name applications, businesses, and systems to help boost and encourage more sales and greater profits for themselves as well as their customers. Other options BrightPearl offers includes access to Google calendar, sales apps, MailChimp, and other services that can help streamline many aspects of business. They also support a number of payment services and providers including Paypal, SecureTrading, Sagepay, and WorldPay.

When you need a little boost to help streamline your business so it functions and operates more smoothly, you need to look to BrightPearl. Stop wasting time on back-site work and admin duties and focus on the things that help drive sales, bring in customers, and keep everyone happy!