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Signing Up for BrandMy Mail

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If you are in need of the perfect integration of your emails, social media and branding then you will love BrandMyMail because that is exactly what it does. BrandMyMail permits a user to create an email template that is compatible to his Gmail accounts and easily incorporate a background, logo, blog entries, and even social media links. In short BrandMyMail gives each the user’s email a visual branded outlook on opening.

How do I sign up for BrandMyMail

Signing up for BrandMyMail is very simple. First you will have to open up the BrandMyMail website in your internet browser. The website address for BrandMyMail is However if you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. In addition to that you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Signing up for BrandMyMail is free and therefore do not be worried of any charges when you are signing up. Signing up is tailored in three simples steps so Once the page has opened, you will be able to see right in the middle of the opened page a red and very conspicuous tab with a small label on its edge noted free, the red tab is marked “get started” and next to it is another blue tab marked “corporate” once you are able to identify this two tabs, click directly on the red one that is labeled “get started” the moment you click on it BrandMyMail will give you an opportunity to download and synchronize a personalized user template. So when you click BrandMyMail will ensure that you download a synchronized API that will assist you in this process. After this download BrandMyMail website will lead you to another website page that offers you an opportunity to “login to Google” click onto the red tab that has this mark on to it. The moment you do so, you will be provided with a new web site window that allows you to sign in to your Gmail Google account like you always normally do when accessing your mails in Gmail. Once this window pops up, sign into your Gmail account like usually, once you have entered your Gmail mail, entered your password and pressed enter to log in, you will be led to another new page that is referred to as “request permission form” here you will find BrandMyMail giving you a list of what it requests to do in your Gmail account, and beneath it you will see a tab labeled “accept” on a blue background click on this tab to allow BrandMyMail to carry out its requests. Once you do this you will be led to a new website window with an instruction on a red tab in the middle of the page marked “visit Gmail” click on to this tab, it will be able to lead you straight into your Gmail account once you have accessed your Gmail account you will be able to see at the very top of your Gmail account browser window an instruction that will be thanking you for successfully installing BrandMyMail. With this just be sure you have successfully signed up on BrandMyMail .This option will allow you to see how much your user friendly your Gmail account would have changed to be, it will be unique and will in fact enhance you user experience as you go through your Gmail mails and while you get into using Gmail account again.

How BrandMyMail works

While signing up the user will customize the account by simply choosing plugins and clicking on the icons. You will be able to enter your initial basic details for instance name and other social media links. These links are important and must be added. Be sure to add banners and photos, and also other links such as Google map links if you choose to. This you will do on one of the many designs that are provided for you to choose from, while at the same time you will be able to choose a layout for your headers, footers and sidebars and when you are done simply click on the done tab to finish up. You will then be lead to a chrome browser extension to install chrome and then you can now test your new template.

While registering or signing up for BrandMyMail is absolutely free, other charges may apply for a user that feels the need to want to use a more sophisticated user template or interface. The packages that BrandMyMail accords kits customers are wide and just in case you feel the need to improve on what the free account has to offer simple go back to BrandMyMail home website and find.

Merits of BrandMyMail

You will be able to customize your email in a template that is only unique and satisfactory to you, also you will be able to import logo, to use vCard and be able to tailor all your information on a single platform including the ones from your social media account. This will enhance the management of your emails and tweets as you will not require moving from one account to the next. In turn it will save your time and put it into a wonderful use.

The overall customization will add an aesthetic value to your email account and ensure that your account outlook is indeed appealing, and since it comes with a basic free package you will never miss a place to enjoy in its affordability.

BrandMyMail is completely different from other apps as it permits the user to add any social media sidebar plugins and vcards. It also has an interface that is perceptive and very easy to be managed by any user.

BrandMyMail has few unique features like plugins for various media platforms, ability to import a logo, ability to sustain vCard capability and a place to add blog posts to the side bar and also to add banners and footers, therefore with BrandMyMail you will receive a unique outlook and an appeal to effectively use you mail.