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Boost Business Performance By Using BottleNose

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One factor that will determine the ability of a brand, enterprise or organization to remain relevant or even ‘alive’ is its ability to analyze and predict trends within its space as well as those which will ultimately affect it. The dynamics of the contemporary business environment is becoming even more fluid with each day and old methods of determining what is going on halfway across the world no longer works. A corporation domiciled in one country but with global operations, for example, oil companies, could be the subject of protest actions from a small population of the world simply due to its actions which may be perceived as being negative. The damage caused by this onslaught could also cause reverberations throughout the world with serious and adverse implications. All this being the direct and indirect result of an organization’s inability to anticipate trends, analyze emotions and various activities that affect it. There are many brands and enterprises that suffer similar scenarios including collateral damage arising from actions of other organizations but it all boils down to their inability to stay ahead and then on top of situation affecting them.

Trend Analysis is a critical business activity but it is typically not properly done and in many cases, not done at all. This gap creates a situation whereby many organizations, enterprises and brands are left at the mercy of rapidly changing circumstances, shifting perceptions and adverse socio-political/economic climates. All these do not bode well for any forward looking organization. The contemporary business climate demands a system by which organizations, businesses and brands can effectively discern a wide variety of issues that affect them on a realtime basis while being able to gather actionable data in the process. Using this actionable data, they can make strategic business decisions. BottleNose is definitely the leading platform for fulfilling these objectives and even more.

BottleNose is a foremost platform in the provision of cutting-edge technologies and accurate methodologies which helps customers to determine trending topics, highlight people and emotions that affect their business on a realtime basis. One of the most outstanding features of BottleNose is its ability to work in realtime and continue to highlight trends and emotions even as they change. BottleNose offers customers the solutions that beat any offered by competing platforms.

BottleNose Solutions

  • Trend Intelligence: BottleNose enables organizations to get the scoop on instant happenings in their industry. Instead of waiting for things to happen, they can rely on early-warning signals as well as getting topics that are just emerging and looking to trend. This feature places the first-mover advantage in the hands of the customers even in highly competitive industries such as news.
  • Brand Health: Customers are able to use the BottleNose platform for tracking public perception, campaign performance as well as diverse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for brands. Customers are also able to benchmark against industry metrics as well as make comparisons with their competitors.
  • Realtime Marketing: In order to ensure that customers can have actionable data upon which they can act and make decisions, BottleNose enables them to capture highly important and sensitive events happening around their brands. They can also track such event around their industry, competitors and target audience. The critical information/data distilled may then be put to immediate use to enhance marketing communications as well as customer engagement while mitigating potential threats. Results obtained by customers using this solution has included doubled impressions, 10X increased efficiency of advertising budget and improved keyword bidding strategy among others.
  • Crisis Management: This solution is critical in determining the effect of various components of an organization’s crisis management strategy. It enables customers track historical and live crisis sentiment in realtime and view the effect of PR efforts on their target audience. Discovery of emerging critical issues, identification of the key influencers who require engaging as well as mitigation of potentially viral threats are benefits customers get by using this solution.
  • Competitor Monitoring: This BottleNose solution enables the customer to drill down and make discoveries about their competitors which may not be available to the competitors themselves. Features of this solution include competitor brands and social profile analysis as well as campaign and audiences analysis. It therefore puts the customer at an advantage in being able to identify opportunities and threats first and take appropriate measure in each case even before the competition does.
  • Live Event Monitoring: BottleNose enables its customers to view social buzz in real time as well as getting the relevant convent for live events in various fields and areas such as sports, elections, ad campaigns etc.
  • Social Overlap Analysis: Customers are able to highlight and discern the various areas where audiences, brands and campaigns overlap in terms of their interests. By doing this, they can find new ways of engaging an online community and strengthening their brands.
  • Social Business Intelligence: This solution enables BottleNose customers to highlight the topics and audiences that can be used as a lever to stimulate key outputs such as sales and transactions, downloads, TV ratings, web and app analytics etc
  • Social Advertising: BottleNose customers are able to use this solution in benchmarking social resonance to their various campaigns. Competitor comparison as well as monitoring and analysis if campaigns are also possible using this solution.

Signing Up to Use BottleNose

BottleNose is a massive, enterprise-class platform that is not available on a mass-market scale. The platform caters to the needs of organizations, enterprises and brands as per required service. Contact may be made with the sales department by simply getting to the website homepage on A the top-right side of the page, locate the ‘Get Started Now’ button and click on it. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Request a Demo’ button. Any of these actions will open the ‘Get Started’ page where a form containing nine fields is displayed. Fill in the following details; First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Organization Name, Job Title, Organization Size, Industry, Area of Interest.