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A buyer-friendly website, Bonanza has become famous through its operations around the globe, developing recognition in countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, and as well as Spain. The online marketplace allows its registered sellers to immediatelypresent their products on sale. To top it all of, the site also effortlessly sparesshop owners with over fifty (50) to one hundred (100) percent eBay fees. Patrons are given the chance to browse and choose among Bonanza’sdiverse categories.

Here are the many selections that Bonanza offers, which have subcategories: Antiques, art, baby, books, business and industrial, cameras and photo, coins and paper money, collectibles, computers or tablets and networking, consumer electronics, crafts, digital goods, dolls and bears, DVDs and movies, entertainment memorabilia, fashion, healthy and beauty, home and garden, jewelry and watches, music, musical instruments and gear, parts and accessories, pet supplies, pottery and glass, specialty services, sporting goods, sports membership cards and fan shop, stamps, tickets and experiences, toys and hobbies, travel, and video games and consoles.

Bonanza gives much importance to customer feedback to improve their service and,in the process, increasesale. The website has allotted a page for users to voice out their personal concerns and suggestions through forums. Individuals can interact with others by sharing their knowledge and opinions regarding a certain matter that they may or may not have experienced.

See how Bonanza satisfies your every need by registering. On the upper right corner of the website’s introductory page, click “Register” to begin the process of creating an account.Enter a username,with a minimum of three (3) characters, together with your e-mail address. For the password, the field requires a combination of at least one (1) number, one (1) capital letter, and six (6) characters. The reason behind the necessity is because it reduces the risk of having your personal or financial information being taken. After which, give your postal code and pick the country you are currently residing. To have the ultimate Bonanza experience, choose to receive newsletters from the site. Finalize the contents of the form and confirm through the e-mail address you provided.

Browse the many categories of Bonanza and go to the product’s page you are interested in. But before buying it, consider going through customer reviews to ensure that what you are about to acquire is worthy of your money. Read the seller’s information, too, and give thought to factors such as shipping fee, condition of the product, and alike.After you have chosen the size of the sneakers, for example, add it to your cart. Once you are satisfied with the items in your cart, calculate the shipping costs by either giving a shipping zip or postal code and, of course, the shipping country.

Since the month of December in the year 2013, Bonanza has received a BBB rating of A, proving that the website is safe and secure to conduct transactions involving money. After sending an order, the seller will review it and give an answer right away. Once it is approved, choose the payment method (PayPal, Amazon) and check out. In cases of defective items, return as soon as possible to have a refund. If you are doubtful about the seller or product, go to your cart and click “Cancel this order.” Provide a message to the seller to help him or her improve.

The award-bearing site that is Bonanza also permits its users to sell. On the upper left portion of the website, click on the button “Sell on Bonanza.” Start by adding and/or importing items you wish to put on sale. Imports from eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or even an inventory file are accepted. Give a title and upload photos because it is proven to sell faster if you do. Be creative and truthful about your merchandise! Remember that online users want a hassle-free purchase. Do not sell with intentions to defraud and take advantage of other people. It is advisable to show three (3) or more pictures of the item, displaying different angles of it. It will give the potential buyers a chance to see the value of your product, and possibly, increase your sales. In order for potential buyers to have an idea about your item, select a category, give the available quantities, and write a well thought of description. Do not disregard descriptions of your products because it can be used as a sales strategy.In addition to that, try establishing an excellent rapport with your clients through the power of words.

As for the shipping options, you may select free shipping, a flat rate, a calculated shipping which considers the weight of the packaged item and makes use of carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx), and also provide the details of shipping in the item description. International shipping can be done, too, with the following options: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Japan, and to a greater extent, worldwide. To some suppliers, shipping for free may seem as if it is a big disadvantage. But by doing so, there is a high probability of improving sales because customers will give thought to the ruled out shipping fee, making your items more interesting to buy.

In setting a price for your items, you could let the costs be negotiable by putting a check mark before the text “Price negotiable.” To create a buzz, contemplate about letting your store give out freebies. Through which, they are encouraged to purchase and return if they liked the products you offer. Once you have their attention, selling items from your inventory will be a breeze. To start earning, activate your booth.

Online stores are expanding and becoming popular over time. Bonanza account holders are bound to come back for more because it is convenient to use.With the use of a Wi-Fi ready technology, you can shop and think clearlywithout having to consider store hours and sales personnel tailing your every move. Simply make an account, activate it for use, and start browsing categories. Pick an item that is of interest to you,add it to your cart, and checkout.