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Bloglines – One of the Largest News Agregators on the Internet

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Perhaps one of the stresses and strains of using the full power of the internet is the sheer volume of information that is spawned every hour of every day. It is like when we stumble across a great source of information either from a news service or blog, that even when we bookmark that site to be able to go back to it at a later time it seems we almost never do go back. That the next day or the next time we are browsing that we find even more sources of great content that appeals to our personal interests. It is like we are perpetually finding new sources of great stuff to read; yet we only end up with a very long list of book marks that we rarely revisit. And for as great as the Internet is and disseminating information and for keeping informed; it is apparent that most of us not growing an expanding range of sources. It is more a case that we are always just skimming the surface. More directly related to this issue is how relevant we find very local blogs and news sources; that is, the pertinence of community level areas of local information that many of us want to keep track of.

Information Overload Solved with Bloglines

One company that has made tremendous inroads into this dilemma is Bloglines; which is a web based news aggregator. Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom technologies; users are able to register their account and set up their profile with all the news and blog sources they care about. The idea being that by logging into the one place, the Bloglines web site will have pulled into the one dashboard all the news and blogs sources that are interesting and important to you. Highlighting what is new information and what has already been seen and read is part and parcel of the effectiveness of the service. Founded in 2003 by Mark Fletcher (the founder of what is now Yahoo Groups), he soon sold Bloglines to Ask dot com two years later when it was then hosting more than two hundred million news and blog articles; all of which were searchable. Ask then further developed the site in 2007 to have its iPhone version available, as well as easier to use functionality like drag and drop news feeds and users being able customize their own start page. But Ask later in 2010 announced they were not happy with Bloglines and intended to close the service in November of that year.

Saved from an Early Grave by Market Circle

That bad news was short lived as an online marketing company named Merchant Circle announced they had successfully negotiated their one hundred percent acquisition of Bloglines and that the service in fact was not to be shut down. And so to this day Bloglines is an online web based software as a service where users can subscribe to news feeds of their choice as well as to create share and manage these news feeds and blogs and rich web content and currently can brag it has more than two million users and it is one of the largest news aggregators on the internet.

Easy to Open your Free Bloglines Account

Creating your account is as simple as registering your email address and confirming it; listing your name and password at the time. From there it is a simple matter of customizing the settings to meet your exact needs and desires. That is you can make a variety of choices about displaying the page title or not, where to locate your search box, how much space you wish to give to news feed items, allowing pagination of your feeds, whatever visual affects you want displayed and whether or not to only show unread items under your active tab. In fact the list of configurable items is much longer than this. In addition you are able to specify what you consider to be local content; for example you may be interested in all things to do with Panama or Cuba and from the color coded map displayed you select a regional area, and from there you can select the country you are particularly interested in. Finally you are able to select what language is important to you and this list is extensive as it is detailed. For example you have many choices of Spanish to choose from; Argentinian Spanish being materially different from Mexican Spanish. Clicking done at the end of deciding your settings returns you back to the main dashboard.

Integrate Your Bloglines Account with Twitter, FaceBook and Linked In

One interesting feature is how the Bloglines web site integrates with Twitter, FaceBook, and Linked In; and to make this easy for you to join all your accounts together they have a simple wizard you can click through to enter your login details for each web site. In this way, news that you find interesting can be shared and disseminated to your contacts and friends by this application programming interface with the built in widgets. And also particularly helpful is that you can import your list of news services you perhaps have already listed with a different news aggregator. To do this it is a simple matter to click ìadd contentî and then give the web page address for your other subscription and Bloglines will take care of the rest by importing all your sources.

Most people will use the Bloglines service in ìReaderî mode as they filter through the page of new news and blog items they are interested in. That is, once you have set it all up you are ready to relax and enjoy how you no longer are subjected to information overload. In a sense it is like designing your own newspaper to be a situation where every information source and story you get to read is always from a source that you have preselected and decided to be worth your time and effort. Bloglines is here to stay; it is a very smart tool to use.