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Blink List

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With now many billions of web pages on the Internet, each one dedicated to people who share an interest in that subject matter, we are way past information overload. Think about it; there are now more than two web pages for every man, woman and child on the planet and it shows definitely no signs of slowing its growth down. Many of us use bookmarks to save a trace of a page that has interested us so that we can find it later, and for popular sites that we will use often this makes great sense. And then there are the other web pages that come across that do interest us but that we choose to store its address just in case we later wish to revisit it. But that all assumes that the content on that page will not change. Case in point are all the blogs and news web sites where every day the content will be about different issues, and the subject matter we are interested is now push off of the front page in favor of the newer and more current information being reported. By saving the link we are not saving the content on it; and bookmarks donít help us in those situations.

Having Bookmarks Added with the Click of a Button Sounds Great

Blink List has come up with a solution for this in that it not only saves the page address for us for a later time, it in fact downloads and saves for us all of the content that exists at that moment in time so that we can view it later in offline mode. A great use for this concept is on long distance plane, bus or car travel where you will not have access to the internet to pull up and read those sites you have bookmarked. But this situation does not bother Blink List because you have already saved a copy locally to your hard drive of the content. The idea is to install the Blink List button to your preferred browser, and then to surf the net as usual. In order to do this of course, you need to open a free account on their server, and nearly half a million people have already done so. Then as you find the page that you wish to save, click the button and in less than point two of a second, that page has been saved to your hard drive for later use.

Blink List Disappoints Because it Won’t Work with Latest Browsers

And so to get started, you simply sign up for free with the usual details of user name, email address and password and after that is done, you are taken to the first stage of the set up where you drag their ìblinkî button to your bookmarks tool bar on your browser. The idea is to give you a one click access to the functions from this button when it is installed. The next stage is to export your existing bookmarks that you have saved into a file, and then to import them into Blink List. After you have gotten the all clear message, you are ready to rock and roll. When you click the start button, the first area of disappointment is that they immediately report that they are still busy importing all of my bookmarks, even though it had already imported that I had done so successfully. So my guess is that it was in fact busy saving for my a full copy of all the book marked pages just in case I wanted to read them later when in off line mode. But not to have only this problem, the site then proceeds to disappoint even further.

If Only We Could Read Bookmarked Pages when Offline

Certainly the Blink List service has a long way to go; but you get the general idea. After setting it, you no longer use your menu item for bookmarks and then select ìsave bookmarkî. Rather you keep your bookmarks toolbar visible and then just click the Blink button to save that web page to your account for access later even if you are offline. The problems I have had with it is that much of what it requires during the setup phase does not work because it is not compatible with the latest version of Fire fox. And as a user of the system, it means now I am frustrated and have already lost interest in it. We would all expect an online software as a service to be backwards compatible; but for it to not be at the current here and now of browser technology and their versions is quite unforgivable. They can blame Fire Fox as much as they want, but the simple fact of the matter is that it is not Fire Foxís job to keep the Blink List Extension up to date and current. And what I have found particularly disconcerting is that on every page I have viewed, there is a ìWarning: Unknown write failed. No space left on device (28)î et cetera; which leaves me to believe that they have crashed and burned when trying to save for me off line readable copies of my book marked pages.

It seems quite clear that it really does not like to work with the latest Fire fox version and so it has lost me as a non paying customer. Like almost all consumers, we only pay attention to the new kid on the block for those seconds until there is a snag with the operation of it all and we walk. When every button you click reports back ìOoops, Action failedî I revert into totally lost faith in it mode and head for the door. Perhaps Blink List will get over their teething problems in a few months. I for one will not be back to find out.