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Bitrix24 The United Work Space

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Several years ago, the needs of people for socialization on a global scale is realized by a few social media networks and then made perfect by the giant of a company, Facebook. From then on, communicating with people all over the globe has never been easier. There is little question that the popularity of social networks comes from the realized need of people – ease of communication.

For the corporate world, it goes without saying that communication is of vital importance. Such large-scale connectivity is now being implemented by a few software companies such as the Bitrix24. It is a united work space which handles the many aspects of a company’s daily operations. It is a cloud-based collaboration solutions. It is also a unified space for the company’s projects, tasks, contacts, files, messages, and other data. Essentially, Bitrix24 is a social interface that provides tools for task management, time tracking, and document sharing for efficiency of communications and work.

About Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is the brain-child of the people behind Bitrix, Inc. The Bitrix24 service is the final stage of the Bitrix Intranet and Extranet that the company has made public on 2012. They have served customers from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses including the following: Samsung, Xerox, KIA, Volkswagen, Vogue and PC Magazine.

The Benefits of Bitrix24

Bitrix24 has a multitude of features as it is essentially several tools integrated in one. For one, employees are made aware of what’s going on in the company by keeping themselves updated in the Activity Stream. One can skim through all the on-going tasks and projects and know how things are progressing in real-time. Also, users can also start or continue discussions regarding ideas, document, and plans or posts messages to the relevant group directly on the Activity Stream. In addition, tasks can be viewed in relation to each other and progress on each. Users can also plan meetings and form a group to work on short or long-term projects. Most of the tools in Bitrix24 are integrated such as calendars with mobile devices so that all of the users are updated with recent information.

In-Depth Look at Bitrix24’s Tools

Time Management and Performance Assessment Tool

Bitrix24 comes with its own customizable online time-management application that lets the company employees to clock in or out or take a break. This helps companies keep an in-depth records of a person’s work hours. The company’s Human Resources department can also set time limits or choose to use flex-time settings. Since Bitrix24’s this time management tool tracks IP addresses, the HR department can determine when the company’s employees are working from the office or when they are elsewhere. This Clock-in/Clock-out interface also enables users to create daily plans or reports, as well as make events on-the-go.

Bitrix24 has flexible options for the time management/assessment tool. For example, a manager’s approval may be required for changes in clock-in/clock-out times. A manager can also see records of work time for all employees. Issuances of warning to employees who violates the work-time policy may also be sent through this tool.

Work Report Tool

Work reports in Bitrix24 can be made on different levels: team, personal, or organization level. With this tool, supervisors can give reminders to employees to send in reports. The integrated daily planner are also included and editing can be made before the final report is sent. All the work reports from an individual, a sector, or the entire company can be seen with their corresponding evaluations and ratings.

Activity Stream

This is an interactive real-time feed that updates users of the changes and additions to the network. The Activity Stream covers public sections of the company’s intranet. Each member will know what is going on and join discussions. The display can also be customized and personalized by individual users.

This tool is highly interactive and socialized. Users can comment on the main interface. Here, items can also be “liked”, just like on Facebook and “badges” can be given to commendable individuals or groups as a motivational tool. These “likes” and “badges” also appear in the Activity Stream and in the user’s profile.


A complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is also built-in into Bitrix24. This can be used in the online storage or installed on server. This serves as a contact base wherein the activity and the past events related to the contacts are stored and manages. All events including calls, emails, and messages that are connected with a contact are displayed.

E-mail Management

This system has a complete email management integrated in its CRM. Their Send&Save utility can sen individual or bulk emails with options for attachments. Pre-made templates, if necessary. All email activity is saved as an item in the CRM.


In Bitrix24, users can create invoices and quotes. There are several customization options such as inclusion of brand logo or taglines. This is available even in the free edition of CRM. Taxes, whether local sales taxes or value added taxes, are supported by Bitrix24 CRM. You can also work with multiple currencies and in different languages, such as Russian, German, Spanish or Portuguese.

Security of Bitrix24

Bitrix24 knows that dependability and security is the life blood of a company such as theirs. This is why it uses several layers of protection on the entirety of its system. Data is encrypted with the highest level of security. The web-tool itself is protected from the very first level of access that even on public connections, passwords to the website cannot be high-jacked. Users open Bitrix24 in public with confidence.

How To Get Started

On their website,, sign-up for free by entering your e-mail address. The free account allows up to 12 users and has 5-gigabytes of storage. Generally, this is enough for small businesses. For those who wants more usage slots and storage, you can choose the standard account for 99 USD a month. This will enable access for unlimited users but with a 50-gigabyte storage limitation. The professional account, which costs 199 USD per month, has 100-gigabyte storage. The latter also has the premium feature: Planning, Reporting and Time Management.

When it comes to business, the highest quality of service is demanded and it looks like Bitrix24 is more than up to that task. With its high-level of security and dependability, integration of social features, and useful management tools, it certainly looks like this company will continue to have a strong following in the coming years.