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Big String – Powerful and Secure Email Solution

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The internet is such a powerful force in all of our lives it is difficult to remember what life was like before it. It has brought people closer together, and empowered us all to get involved in the subjects and issues that matter to us most. It has finally given the people a voice in our democratic society, and whereas politicians have made a nonsense of the democratic process, the internet has returned to the people a real power to confront and expose the wrong doings in the community; it has enabled the people to vote every day on those issues that matter most to them. Everyone is a member of the audience as well as a contributor to the content and opinion. And one of the oldest and most useful parts of the Internet from the get go has been email. Email forms the backbone of our identity and who we are with our online persona. Every web site we join without fail always wants us to register our email address with them. It is quick and free to use, and it is highly versatile; versatile is we ignore that the large email providers like Hotmail and Yahoo have ignored all innovation of their product offerings for well over ten years.

The Downside Risk of Email

But there is a downside to email, and it is that once it has been sent; there has never been anything you can do to recall it. There has never been any system to amend an email to correct typing errors and no method that emails can be automatically deleted after an expiration date has been reached. There has never been any protection from an email being forwarded to millions of other people. There has never been ways to protect file attachments from being copied, printed or further circulated; and this exposes all people to the risk that their private and confidential information could be maliciously or inadvertently shared with people who should not ever know it exists.

With Big String, Maintain Full Control Over Emails Already Sent

That downside risk need no longer be a problem or a concern because of the proprietary technology developed by Big String. As an email service provider, Big String recognized the problems and risks of email after it has been sent, and the lack of protections built into the security of information after it has been sent. And so Big String developed their email protocol around being media rich and friendly, highly functional and light years ahead of the primitive offerings of Hotmail and Yahoo as well as being able to maintain full control over the emails you have already sent. That is, after you have sent an email, and after they have even opened and read it, you are able to remove that email, edit it, limit how many times it can be opened, control if attachments can be copied or printed out, block the email from being forwarded to others. In fact you can do whatever you want with that email almost as if you had never sent it yet. Big String is all about empowering you the user to have the tightest control and functionality over your email content; and their patent pending technology is unparalleled by any other email service provider. And the list of benefits seems almost endless. You can even self destruct an email that is already sitting in someone elseís inbox; a truly powerful feature. It really does mean that you need never have any regret after clicking the send button.

The Problems with Big String

That is all the good news. The bad news is that their service offering does not work properly yet, and is in beta phase. To sign up for an account seems easy enough, however it is not. The sign up button is for a different domain name and you are to end up with a basic FaceBook type application an email address being your user name (at) and you can most certainly log in to your account there. However there is no visible email application whatsoever. That is, you can create groups, update your profile and invite friends, and you can update your wall much the same as in FaceBook. But there is no operating email system; no inbox, no way to compose an email message. Clearly they have some further work to do. And to try and log in to Big String with your Private String account details does not work either.

Big String has a Powerful Wish list

And so for now, Big String is a wish list of what will be a great email service when they fix their beta testing bugs. When it is working, you will be able to use the service as a unified messaging system by integrating your Yahoo, MSN, and Google take instant messaging applications into the one web site interface. You will be able to control all aspects of your emails, even after you send the sent button. This level of innovation is what we never see with the large email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Sadly big business always stifles creative new approaches to old problems, and as is typical of big businesses, they are barely able to run their email services without falling over and having serious performance issues.

We can only look forward to Big String resolving their issues to bring us what we all need for our email services security needs. The added benefits of bringing all our instant messaging applications under the one web page interface is most welcome; but other web sites already offer this. Big Stringís true power is its technology of being able to control what happens to our emails after we send them. Including what our recipients do with the files and images we attach to our emails. And by bringing this power to our smart phones and iPhones is going to be a wonderful thing, hopefully in the near term when they have ironed out their bugs.