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Creating Smart and Professional Proposals Using BidSketch

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If you are looking to slash the amount of man hours you expend on writing proposals, then you need to give Bidsketch a try right away. Have you had that very tough and hard-to-forget experience where you have been given a deadline to produce a highly professional and compelling proposal within a slim timeframe? It is very hard to come up with something that combines a high level of professionalism within such a time horizon while ticking all the boxes in terms of deliverables. However, Bidsketch has created an online platform that makes all this very possible. Not only will you be able to create highly professional and smart proposals, you will do so within minutes and incorporate features that will make it compelling to the client or prospect.

The Bidsketch website provides access to this very versatile platform which is at the same time simple to use. Bidsketch users have provided very glowing testimonials and positive reports about their experience while using the service as well as the response they feedback received from recipients of the proposals created with Bidsketch. The total monetary value of the proposals won by clients submitting Bidsketch created proposals has already crossed $260 million. This is simply awesome and clear evidence of the platform’s potency.

How To Sign Up To Use Bidsketch

Bidsketch has built its platform with a lot of emphasis on simplicity, ease of use, low entry barrier in terms of signing up and smart design. Therefore, Bidsketch has placed the power in your hands to determine whether or not the service serves your needs and in order to further reassure you of its integrity, Bidsketch does not charge you a single penny for the 14 days FREE trial. As a matter of fact, Bidsketch does not require you to use your credit card for the trial. How is that for a trial? All you need to do is sign up and start enjoying your 14 days free trial.

Of course, signing up is a prerequisite for using Bidsketch. To start, you only need to navigate to the website at and on the homepage, you will find a very poignant and compelling invitation to stat your free trial. You simply have to fill in your email address in the field provided and hit the ‘Get Started Now’ button. When you click that button, a small window will be displayed containing the Sign Up form. You are only required to provide the following details:

  • Email
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Business Name
  • Site Address: This is like a sub-domain with which you will access Bidsketch.

Once you have filled in all these details, just hit the ‘Start Free Trial’ button beneath the form and you are ready to go!

Features of Bidsketch

Bidsketch is considered to be a foremost provider in this niche because of the exciting features it offers users. These features have been able to stand Bidsketch out while providing users with nostalgic user experience as well as great results. These results include:

  • Time Saving: Bidsketch boasts of being able to save you up to 50% of the time you would typically expend on writing proposals. This is done by providing you with professional content that you may reuse to save time and avoid having to craft words over and over again. Fees and designs are also provided within the Bidsketch environment for you to use, again saving you lots of time. Spicing up your proposal is one sure way of captivating your prospects and/or clients and Bidsketch enables you to add images and even embed videos for web-based proposals.
  • Professionally Designed Templates: First impressions matter in instances such as this and you can achieve this by using any of the several professionally designed proposal templates that are provided by Bidsketch. There are diverse colors to allow variety while functionalities such as PDF conversion also aid in making it more professional and portable. Of course, if you prefer to do a customized design using CSS or HTML, Bidsketch permits it.
  • Increase Your Win Using Bidsketch Optional Fees: Bidsketch comes with several optional fees which you can simply select in order to provide the client or prospect with additional services which are optional but have fees attached. This feature alone has the potential to ramp up your profit by 32%.

Costs Involved in Using Bidsketch

Bidsketch’s pricing model is very simple and uncomplicated. There are no multiple pricing models that require calculation for each package it offers. There are just three packages with three prices attached and each with 14 days FREE trial. No discrimination. Regardless of the package you choose, you will enjoy free templates, branding and PDF export functionalities. The pricing is as follows:

  • Agency: This costs $149/month and accommodates a maximum of eight users with a storage space of 50 Gigabytes. Features attached to this package include Analytics, Electronic Signature, Own Domain, Realtime Collaboration as well as Team Management.
  • Studio: This costs $79/month and accommodates a maximum of three users with a storage space of 10 Gigabytes. Features attached to this package include Analytics, Electronic Signature, Own Domain, Realtime Collaboration as well as Team Management.
  • This costs $29/month and accommodates a single user with a storage space of 2 Gigabytes. Features attached to this package include Analytics, Electronic Signature as well as Own Domain.
  • Starter: This costs $19/month and accommodates a single user and 25 clients. with a storage space of 50 Gigabytes. Features attached to this package include Analytics.

Benefits of Using Bidsketch

Of course, there are amazing benefits enjoyed by Bidsketch users and some of these include:

  • Multi-market Application: Bidsketch is perfect for many market and niche scenarios. Clients in the design, SEO, marketing, development, advertising and others in similar markets have also found Bidsketch to be perfect for their use.
  • Security: Bidsketch is accessed via a secure SSL connection thus making your proposals very secure and for web-based proposals, the link is created uniquely for each proposal.