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Signing Up for Beevolve

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The social media is full of so much data that a user has to follow. Beevolve is an online social media application that provides a practical platform in which the social media users can follow more data in a convenient user interface. In fact it allows users to define search keywords that can include their product, brand names, competitor’s names, and markets. In short Beevolve keeps the social media user in a position of direct control and involvements in their social media topics.

How Do I Sign Up for Beevolve?

Signing up for Beevolve is extremely very simple. First you will have to open up the Beevolve website in your internet browser. The website address for Beevolve is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see right in the middle of the web page, a tab with a circular end at its beginning. The tab sits pretty in the middle of the page and is so vivid since it is all alone at this central place. This tab is marked “Create Free Account.” The moment you have singled out this tab, click onto it immediately. When you have done so, this tab will start you up for the signing in process by taking you to a new page. The new page that you will be led onto has the pricing plans well laid out. Remember this is a free trial plan that you are signing up for. However once your free trial has expired, you will be given a new package that will be chargeable as per the pricing plan that you will choose. Therefore choose the pricing plan that is most appropriate for you. The moment you have identified the pricing plan that you wish to enjoy its services, click on to the green label that sits right under the fee that is intended for that package, the green label is marked “Create Your Account.” The moment you have clicked onto it, you will be led to a new page that will present an empty form for you to fill out with the required details. Starting with your email address, fill in the email address that you intend to use. This one is followed by the part for the name that you will also be required to fill out appropriately, a chosen password that you intend to use while accessing your account and a confirmation of the password to ensure that the initial one is right. Once you have finished providing all the information appropriately, click on the part labeled “create account” right under the form and it will redirect you to a successfully created account.

Merits of Using Beevolve

With a signed up Beevolve account you will be able to add terms to be included or excluded in your data for convenient categorization. This way you will be able to see what is being said using those keywords. In addition to that, this application will also show you any related social media fan pages that you can conveniently use, or follow. Immediately Beevolve does this to you, you will be able to select the fan page and begin monitoring it.

You will also be able to use Beevolves invitation feature to invite members and colleagues to Beevolve. This will in turn give you more perspective as you will be able to work with those that you have invited and successfully complete the project that you people got set for. And again if you have a twitter account, you will be able to connect and respond to your tweets through Beevolve. This will effectively enhance your use of time and save you the hustle of having to log in one account after the other.

Again you will be saved the neck biting process of data tailoring. This is because with a user account at Beevolve, this application will be able to with a dashboard service that will in turn give you an overview which includes volume charts, tag clouds, access to reports, conversations, and various data comparisons. With the very many affordable subscription options to choose from, you will never miss out on enjoying Beevolve services the moment you sign up. The first package is a free plan which includes one search term, an access for a single user, and a maximum of one thousand conversations followed via the social media platform. With the basic plan costing up to $49.95 and includes four searches, access for two users, and an email customer support, and a maximum of ten thousand conversations per day, you will indeed enjoy the team plan of $99.95 per month. However if you are a team leader, a business, or a company, the team plan will sweep the rest of the packages off with a standing offer of $349.95 on a monthly basis. This is indeed one of the main reasons why you would require a Beevolve account.

Set against its competitors, Beevolve appeals because it offers quite a number of ways to monitor a great deal of the social media data. To begin with the user can link to the social media fan pages and pages alike in order to a comprehensive search for conversations and any mentioned keywords. In addition to that, the application also supports twitter engagement by letting users to post to their twitter profiles and respond to any tweet through its platform. Therefore in all Beevolve still stands out as it can allow its users to gather data and interact with their consumers without leaving the Beevolve platform.

Beevolve offers very many features in the field of social media monitoring, among them a vast option of free and paid up membership, tracking of social media profiles, a platform that integrated with the social media’s, and a well presented and comprehensible data. This is why Beevolve still remains the social media monitoring application with a difference.