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Badoo: How to Join and How to Get Started

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Badoo is the World’s Fourth Largest Social Network

There certainly are no shortage of dating social networking web sites these days; and it seems new sites are launched every day. Add to this the fact that have been around since the very early days of the internet, one would think that any new entrant to the dating site business would have left their run far too late to make any impact what so ever. With the advent of web 2.0 and user generated content that comes with this fundamental restructuring of the way the internet works, we have seen explosions like FaceBook take the world by storm and rapidly become multi billion businesses. But as far as pure dating sites go, one could be forgiven for thinking that the largest in the world will have been around since before the dot com crash. Yet that does not explain one dating site in particular that has grown especially large in only the last size years. The site is called Badoo, and it is a test ament to the skill and management of the founder, a Russian entrepreneur named Andrey Andreev.

One Hundred and Fifty Million Users in Six Years

It must be said up front that some of the most astute and skilled web site programmers and hackers are Russian; few people know that of more than one hundred billion spam messages sent every day, more than ninety percent are caused by Russian organized criminals who have accessed to extremely high levels of programming talent. Not that spam is to be condoned; but it is reasonable to acknowledge the skills necessary to achieving their goals; especially in light of spam not being against the law in many eastern bloc countries. Anyway, back to the Badoo story of rapidly achieved greatness in the highly competitive world of online dating web sites. And the Badoo story is quite impressive for some of its numbers. For example, the Badoo site grows by one hundred and fifty thousand new members per day and is the fourth largest social network in the world. It claims one hundred and fifty million members as of this year and is still growing strongly. One in every eight people in Brazil and Spain with access to the Internet has a Badoo account. And for a business only six years old, it already has annual revenues in excess of one hundred million dollars. Just how it became so powerful and successful is also an interesting story.

Most Especially Aggressive Viral and Spam Marketing Built Badoo

The bottom line is that Badoo is not backwards in terms of being very aggressive with its marketing efforts. As part of this marketing, their team developed a FaceBook App which subsequently FaceBook announced it would audit because the Badoo App was too viral. Add to this the propensity of Badoo to spam without your knowledge or consent your email address books if you did ever open them up to your Badoo account; and very little of this spam could be found to be illegal because of its orgins from an eastern bloc jurisdiction. And so between the Facebook App and the email address book spamming, Badoo exploded onto the International scene in no uncertain terms. In fact the site has only launched in the USA in 2012, and Americans only account for less than five per cent of the registered user base. The commercial success of Badoo was always seen as going to be determined by the European market place, and until now they have shown almost no interest in the USA market at all. Certainly they are now a force in the social networking and dating site markets.

Badoo Takes No Prisoners in Online Dating Market

Signing up is easy to do, but you will be quickly caught up in a forced structure of not being able to do much with your membership until you fully complete your profile. For example, if you want to view a memberís picture, you must first upload your own images. If you wish to see several of a memberís pictures, then you must upload several of your own first. And this quid pro quo method of limiting what you can do has the positive spin off benefit of ensuring that almost all people have multiple photographs and fully completed profiles for themselves. That is, when you are search the site, you will be able see more about other people because they have also been bludgeoned into completing their profiles.

Americans be Prepared to Pay for Their Badoo Account

There rules of the Badoo web site has changed over the years. In years past you as a free member had no problems with sending as many messages as you wished. There was no paid for option being pushed at you. Now they have paid for options to get your prolife higher visibility and exposure. Up to twenty percent of registered users pay for this extra visibility. And more recently there are limits placed on how many messages you are able to send over a set period of time. There are two major forces at work with the way the Badoo site operates. Firstly they are very pushy about getting you to fully complete your profile. And secondly they really do want to be paid for providing you with the platform to network socially with others. However, considering just how aggressive the viral marketing attempts have always been since the launch of Badoo, combined with the late entry to the USA market place; it does raise the thought that perhaps some countries with less ability to pay (think Brazilís one in eight Internet users) perhaps get their service free of charge (detected by their IP address), and more affluent countries like the United States which already has many expensive fully paid for dating sites to compete against being pushed to pay for open access to the Badoo site; again based on the registered userís IP address. That is just a thought, not a fact. The is no question that the owner of Badoo and his development team would find such an implementation tempting and very easy to do technically.