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Ask.FM – You Will Not Have seen a Social Networking Site Like This

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You Will Not Have seen a Social Networking Site Like Ask Fm

People sure do love to communicate and socialize on the internet, and so there is no shortage of thousands of dating web sites and social networks like Friendster and FaceBook for people to get on with. People feel emboldened with their identity being hidden behind their anonymous online persona and so they find it relaxing and safe in the belief that they can express themselves in any way they wish without being found out by people they know. Sure the rules of Facebook frown on using false names, yet millions of people do so just to have their fun in a secret way that their spouses, friends and family cannot find out what they are doing. It is almost like encouraging the human race to all have a split personality. Then we have the chat programs like Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, AOLís AIM, Chinaís QQ and a plethora of other messaging systems. All of which are now becoming integrated with the smart phone technologies. Before all of this new technology no so freely available, people had to meet face to face or talk to who they already know on the telephone or at places they go to. A person could imagine that all the technical age has done terrible things to the bar businesses of the world; since people can chat with anyone in the world from their internet connected computers, all secretly so that they can fully express their real selves.

Publical Open Chatting for All to Read at Ask Fm

But one such business model that has exploded onto the scene is legitimately built around people using their own real names and email addresses so that people can find them quickly and easily, and then asks them any questions they want to. Ask Fm is now registered and supports English language countries, as well as the following languages; Bahasa Indonesia, Hrvatski, Portuguese (Brazil), Bosanski, Italian, Romanian, Ceötina, Latviesu, Slovencina, Deutsch, Lietuviu, Svenska, Arabic, Magyar, Turkish, EspaÒol, Norsk, Filipino, Polish, FrenÁh, and Chinese plus a whole host of Eastern European countries that donít use the Roman Characters. Itís a phenomenal list to cater for and support. Given my family bloodline tracks back four hundred years to Scotland, on entering my surname which is very rare and almost certainly is made up of direct relatives, I found a whole list of people I did not know about in Scotland.

Ask the Member You Want Any Question You Want

The idea is to ask anyone you wish a question about any topic and the person will answer it if they want to. And both the question and answer are them posted online live for all other people to see and read. This has nothing to do with product reviews or any such thing of an objective nature; rather it is all about asking personal questions on any issue, and there can be no doubt that if my Scottish relatives are anything to go by, these questions can be extremely personal and risquÈ. And so the Ask Fm web site flies in the face of all other social networking web sites and chat programs. Sure there is no emphasis on the questions being serious nor the answers being true. Rather it is like a public chat session any stranger can read or join, with the questions and answers being published in a blog like fashion; surely all tongue in cheek and for fun. The Ask Fm web site has no practical value; though for me it has helped me to find dozens of relatives I did not know I had.

Entiely Free, Ask Fm Has No Practical Value, But is Growing Very fast for its Fun

Registering is entirely free and simple to do, needing only your age, date of birth, location and the usual email address, user name and password. Your new account is your user name at the end of the Ask Fm web site address. From when you are registered, it is then a simple matter to search for people based on their name, email address or user name and the search engine quickly presents you with a list of search results depending on what your search criteria was. That is, you will get far more results searching for a family surname than you will with a unique email address. Certainly the Ask Fm web site does not search the entire internet for results; only its membership data base. From the results presented, depending on how much the member has completed their profile; you can see the total number answers they have given to the questions asked of them. Selecting any person takes you to their page which shows for all to see all the questions and answers to and from that user. It really is quite a unique idea; that questions are publically asked of individuals directly, and for all other people to read as they wish.

The Ask Fm web site has no privacy settings so as to block other people reading the questions and answers; it is a fully open system. And from what you will find if you check it out, it seems that word of the web site is spreading virally because it is very clear that most questions are asked by people loosely associated with the member in real life. For example there are often public discussions where both girl friend and boy friend are both members, and discussions about events two people shared when they met recently. For example, you will read posts where one person says sorry they forgot to give back the change when they bought a drink the other night. The bottom line is that the Ask Fm is purely for fun and serves no practical value; and that it is entirely different to any other social networking site you are ever likely to find on the internet before. And given its viral nature of spreading like a wild fire among the younger generation, it is likely to be around for a long time to come yet.