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AreaVibes – What You Need to Know

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AreaVibes is a site that has been designed in order to help you find America’s greatest places to live, whether you are looking for a small town feel or the rush of a big city. They do this by giving each city they feature a livability rating out of 100 possible points. Search for a specific address, browse a zip code, see what scores a certain neighborhood has, or check out any city you can think of. AreaVibes unique sore system bases its results on a unique algorithm that takes into consideration certain metrics such as: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing, and weather. The higher the score, the better the city if you are looking at a purely number based scoring. The lower the score, the more caution you should implement if you are looking at living there! Once the score for your target search is done, you will see other nearby areas that have similar scores so you can make a list of the best places you can live within your target search area. This list will let you further modify the results to focus on the aspects that are most or least important to you- school, cost, job market, and so forth.

AreaVibes does more than just give you a listing of data and numbers, they also offer many helpful scores and listings for demographic information that includes factors such as total population, male to female ratio, household income, income per capita, marital status, racial breakdown, languages spoken, and much more. AreaVibes will also give you valuable insight into the area and provide you with information that you will want to know before making a decision about living in the area. You can see the area crime rates, air quality, transportation, and much more! Today, AreaVibes offers results on over 22,000 cities and neighborhoods to help you pinpoint the best place for you and your family to call home. The site also offers a Q&A section where residents from the features city have left their first hand views and opinions of the city and also offers a place for visitors to ask questions and talk to those who live in a city they are interested in. AreaVibes is indeed a unique and amazing site that everyone should check out before they decide to move!

Getting Signed Up

It is easy to get signed up for AreaVibes and start searching for your dream city or neighborhood. There are few sign ups that are as simplistic as this. Fill in basic information such as your name, email, set up a screen name and password. Accept the terms and conditions for the site and then look for email confirmation and announcements to come to your email to help you in your search. That is all it takes and you can start browsing cities, searching neighborhoods, and begin finding the perfect place to call home!

AreaVibes Methodology- How it All Works

The AreaVibes unique scoring system is based on many important metrics for each city. Higher scores mean a more desirable living situation for you and your family. Several key aspects are considered when coming up with the livability score:

  • Amenities- The amenities section looks at important features and amenities that can impact a person’s decision to live in a neighborhood or city. These amenities include things like the number and location of grocery stores, restaurants, parks, libraries, shopping center, coffee shops, book stores, entertainment venues, and more. More amenities within a few mile radius of your target search will generate a higher score.
  • Cost of Living- There are various categories that go into figuring the cost of living aspect o the rating-goods and services, health care, housing, transportation, and utilities. The score is then calculated then that score is compared to both state and national averages.
  • Crime Rates- There are two main categories of crime that AreaVibes takes into account- violent crimes and property crimes. You will be able to see crime rates for things such as theft, break ins, robberies, hit and runs, drunk driving, murders, and other crimes.
  • Education- To determine the unique algorithm score for the education aspect, the following criteria is used: student to teacher ratio, education level achieved and number of schools nearby. You will be able to compare these results to the state and national average to see how the city or area stacks up.
  • Employment-You can view data about what the employment rate and job outlook is like for your search area. The employment score is based on the average income per capita, median household income, and unemployment rates. The score is then compared to the national averages and state data.
  • Housing- To determine the housing score, you can see information about the housing market, mortgage and rent costs, number of home bought and sold, and other factors about the market cost of home ownership as it compares to state and national records.
  • Weather- With this rating area you can find information about the average temperature ranges, yearly precipitation, record highs and lows, and the frequency of storms and natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, and blizzards. Mild and comfortable temperature ranges and fewer instances of extreme weather and weather related destruction will garner better scores.

Closing Thoughts on AreaVibe

If you are thinking about moving or just want to find some more information about your city and the surrounding areas, then AreaVibe is the place to turn to for everything you need to make an informed decision! With a stunning array of data and figures at your disposal you can find out anything you need to know about thousands of cities and neighborhoods across the United States. Find the perfect place that you and your family can call home and use AreaVibe to plan your list of top places you want to live. There is no other site like it so check it out and see for yourself how easy it is to use and navigate and the difference good solid information can make in your decision process!