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The AOL: Mail, News & Video Mobile App Review Guide and How-to Tutorial – Making the Most of Your Email App on Mobile (iOS + Android)

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If you’re like most people, then you probably still associate the ‘AOL’ name with the loud, strange beeping noises of a dial-up modem connecting to the internet over a long period of time.

But, those were the early days of the internet, when AOL was a pioneer in the online world – giving millions of Americans access to the World Wide Web for the first time with a slow yet stable method of internet connectivity.

Those were the late 1990’s, and things have changed quite rapidly at AOL after almost two decades of advances the in web and mobile technology…

Now, AOL is owned by parent company Verizon and is in the midst of transforming into an even bigger and better media technology powerhouse than it once was.

This is great news for you – the end-user who simply wants a fast, free and easy option for accessing email, the latest headline news, trending video content and so much more – all available on a single mobile platform for iOS or Android. We’re extremely happy to announce that if the AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app is any indication of the new direction that AOL is heading towards, then you’re about to gain access to some of the greatest new mobile-based tools to hit the 21st century.

After all, the AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app is one of the most convenient options for accessing email on mobile that we’ve been able to experience so far.

However, email functionality isn’t all that you’ll be getting when you install this particular piece of technology (as you can tell by the official name of the app). AOL has sweetened this deal by providing you with an abundance of news headlines tailored to your specific interests, hot video content provided by HuffPost Rise, and even a convenient internet portal that allows you to search the entire web from within the app!

So, if you agree that this 100% free mobile app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices sounds like a promising deal, then you may want to continue reading along as we share many of the tips, tricks and hidden insights you’ll need to understand in order to make the most of using the AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app suite.

Browsing the Latest Headline News in AOL’s “My Feed” Default Screen

After installing the AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video mobile app from the App Store (for iOS users) or the AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app from the Play Store (for Android users) – you’ll immediately be able to open your new app for the first time and view the latest news that’s happening throughout the world. This is because the “My Feed” news portal is automatically enabled to be the default screen that you’ll see every time you open your app.

If you’re interested in browsing through certain categories of news like ‘Entertainment’, ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Sports’ – then you’ll need to tap on the icon displaying three horizontal bars located directly to the left of the “My Feed” text.

Selecting this icon will prompt a new tab to appear. You’ll see a “Stories” window that will allow you to choose the specific categories of news that you’re most interested in reading.

A helpful trick that will allow you to customize the kind of news that you’re presented with in your default feed involves tapping on the “Edit” option. Selecting the “Edit” text will provide you with a complete list of news categories that you can choose to view each and every time that you open your new AOL app.

To begin customizing your default news feed, simply tap on the news categories that you don’t want to see each time you open your AOL app. This will allow you to uncheck certain categories such as ‘Finance’ in case you aren’t a numbers guy, or you could potentially even do away with ‘Technology’ if high-tech gadgets aren’t your thing.

Here, you’ll ultimately be customizing the main news feed of your app (which displays your daily news stories). Keep your favorite categories checked, and uncheck the categories that you aren’t interested in reading about.

However, leaving at least a few good categories checkmarked will keep you “in the know” of what’s going on in the world. Categories such as ‘News’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Lifestyle’ are some of the most fun news topics that people love to chat about. Staying up-to-date on your celebrity gossip might not sound like a huge priority – but it always helps to know at least a little about what’s happening in Hollywood (for the sake of conversing with co-workers, at the very least)!

After ensuring that your favorite news topics have been selected, you can now point your eyes towards the bottom of your app’s screen. The navigation menu displayed across the very bottom of your app’s screen shows four distinct icons in total. Since we’ve just gone over the details of your news feed (the icon representing two magazines) – we’ll now be focusing our attention on the other three major features of your AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app.

Viewing the Latest Viral Videos, Media Segments and Live Morning News Briefs with HuffPost Rise

The third menu item from the left (which represents a “play button” icon on your navigational menu) is a powerful one. Tapping on this icon will take you directly to your HuffPost Rise portal, which seamlessly connects you to a variety of video-rich content at any time of the day.

However, if you happen to be available to access HuffPost Rise on weekday mornings – there is a live morning news show that’s available to provide you with the top daily stories from around the world.

This is equivalent to having a complete news app inside of your email app. AOL has really packed this app full of quality features that keep you both informed and entertained.

AOL has made obvious efforts to provide you with as much premium article-style and video content as possible and ultimately wants you to enjoy yourself to the fullest while taking advantage of these fun bonuses. Accessing your designated email app doesn’t have to be a boring experience, after all.

We imagine that you might even end up spending more time browsing through HuffPost Rise than checking emails on the AOL: Mail, News & Video app. That might be something to be careful of!

Quick tip: If you can’t catch the HuffPost Rise Live Morning Show while it’s live streaming, then watching the HuffPost Rise News Brief is a great way to digest the most important news stories of the day in just a couple of minutes. This provides an excellent way to keep up with what’s happening in the world while only using a few minutes of your time.

Digging into the “Meat” of the App – Quite Possibly the World’s Smoothest Email Client for Mobile

By tapping on the “email” icon that’s located on the far left side of your navigation menu (the icon appears to be a standard-looking post letter) – you’re about to access what could potentially be the world’s most simplistic and easy-to-use email tool designed for mobile devices.

If you don’t already own an AOL Mail account, there’s no need to worry. It’s an easy and free process to sign up for an AOL Mail account. Just tap on the ‘Sign Up for a Free Account’ link located below the ‘Sign In’ bar to complete the quick registration process.

After you’ve created your email account, you’ll be able to sign in to your new email account and access all of the awesome email benefits you’re provided with, free of charge.

A surprising thing that you may notice after signing in to your AOL app for the first time is that it all appears so extremely simple.

Your emails are plainly displayed in regular list-style format, you can tap on the upper right corner “pencil” icon to compose new emails, and you can, of course, view any emails that you wish with the touch of a finger. It’s all almost too easy to manage.

AOL has seemingly provided us with only the bare email essentials here, and that is exactly what we like so much about this app. Lots of careful thoughts have likely gone into the overall user experience, development and minimalistic design of AOL Mail’s layout – which has proven to keep mobile users so much happier over the long-term in comparison to other “jumbled” or feature-heavy apps. Simplicity truly is the key here.

The AOL: Mail, News & Video app flaunts a clean Inbox design that’s probably intended to keep you focused on the task at hand. You won’t find any unnecessary features here.

Tapping on the upper left icon representing three horizontal bars allows you to display your other Mail features. Again, you’ll only find the bare necessities here. AOL has kept things ultra-tidy and easy-to-use.

Quick tip: Tap on the “My folders” menu item to view your hidden “Saved Mail” folder. Whenever you receive an important email, it’s always a good idea to “Move” the email to your “Saved Mail” folder in order to keep it safely stored away for easy access at a later date.

Playing With Your Personal Portal to the Internet

The final feature that we’ll cover today involves the ability to search the external web from inside of your AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app. This might not sound like an extremely impressive or even beneficial feature upon first glance, but in reality, this actually does become helpful to use once you’re already working within your Inbox and need to quickly switch windows to perform a simple internet search.

To perform a search, just tap on the fourth and final icon located on the far right side of your navigation menu. This icon is a magnifying glass, which represents your ability to (hopefully) find exactly what you’re searching for. You’ll be using AOL’s search engine here, which is quite a good one, and has been available for decades. AOL truly is a veteran of the search engine world.

Simply hit the text “Search the web” when you’re ready to enter your query, and you should then be able to type and find whatever it is that you’re searching for.

Quick tip: Searching the web through your AOL app provides a fast and easy way to find restaurants, retail stores and other businesses located nearby. Simply type something like “Chinese food near me” into the AOL app’s search feature to be presented with a list of Chinese restaurants in your local vicinity.

Best of all, since the company MapQuest is owned by AOL, your search results will be accompanied by MapQuest maps that can provide you with precise directions to where you want to go.

Overall, we’ve found the AOL: Mail, News & Video mobile app to be an exceptional piece of technology that provides users with exactly what they want. There are no frills or extravagant features to be found within this app – and we believe that this is absolutely what keeps users happier in the long-run.

When you’re provided with a simple, high-quality and easy-to-use app that does exactly what it is advertised to do – you just might find yourself embracing the “less is more” approach that AOL has transpired.

And while the AOL: Mail, News & Video app seemingly embraces minimalism to the core – it’s still an app that delivers massive amounts of value in the form of email, headline news, and media content. If you haven’t taken the time to install this app just yet, then you may want to do that as soon as possible – as this is one that will likely be listed along with the greats, and potentially even bring AOL back to life.