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Answerbag – Powerful Database of User’s Answers to users Questions

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With billions of pages on the internet, and millions of Internet marketers all pitching their goods and services it is a very difficult job to type a question into a search engine and to get anything like an intelligent bunch of search results returned. And constantly rewording the search phrase does not get you closer to a meaningful answer which always seem to consistent of someone selling something, when in fact you simply wanted information about a subject. It is almost like if you entered a search term about the Golden Gate Bridge to learn more about it, the first three pages of search results would be for web sites trying to sell it to you. All joking aside, it can be very frustrating to find meaningful answers to reasonable questions, and the search engines leave a lot to be desired for all the commercial junk answers that dominate their results rather than relevance being the measure.

And to some degree, Answerbag (also known AB) has worked hard to create a solution to the problem by providing a platform for users to meet and ask and answer questions. And so Answerbag is an online database of frequently asked questions on all manner of subjects and since 2006, it is now the second largest answers database on the Internet, second only to Yahoo Answers. An important aspect of the Answerbag is that one question can have many answers added by different users over time. And because registered users are free to rate the answers given, the answers displayed are listed in order of highest ranking down to the lowest rating as assessed by all users. This is unique with Answerbag; other web sites like Yahoo Answers do not allow ratings or prioritizing answers in order of usefulness.

Opening Your Answerbag Account is Quick, Easy and Free

Opening an account with Answerbag is particularly simple and it only requires your email address, your preferred user name and password and oddly, your date of birth. Once done, you are then free to ask any question and to offer any answer. There are a very large number of categories to search in and use, and each is heavily populated with previous entries made by users.

Besides asking and answering questions, users are able to start their own poll. The poll will consist of a question and whoever creates the poll lists the alternative answers that members can choose from. Over time, other members interested in the poll register their vote and an accumulated total of answers is presented.

The Relationships category requires you to be over eighteen years of age to view it, even if not logged in and the nature of the questions and polls can most definitely be very adult and sexual in nature. And reading the answers can be very enlightening as to the large divergence of views people have in society. Language is certainly not censored and people are free to express themselves in any way they see fit to do so.

Your Answerbag Profile Tracks All Your Questions and Answers

After you have created your account you are able to edit and maintain your profile page by uploading your avatar or picture and others can view what questions you have responded to or asked. Over time, a history of your activity is stored and accumulates against your profile which anyone can see at any time. As a user, your contributions overall are tracked and points are awarded for the level of contribution that is made and there are ìleader boardsî which reflect the points the most active users have earned by making the most valuable contributions.

Founded in July 2003 by Joel Downs, Answerbag was later bought out in early 2006 by Infosearch Media and a few months later in October 3, 2006, Answerbag folded in with Demand Media. The site has gone through several revamps over the past nine years all with a view to enhancing the userís experience. While smaller than Yahoo Answers, and while answers tend to be slower for users to generate than Yahoo, Answerbag stands apart from Yahoo in that its answers are ratings based in the order they are displayed; whereas Yahoo Answers simply lists them in the order in which answers were given and all the questions and answers get deleted on a scheduled time frame wasting userís accumulated efforts over time. Answerbag has no such time frames on its site which also stands itself apart by allowing people to post images and video content as well as text based answers.

Social Networking Around Q and A

And so Answerbag builds and respects its community by rewarding its members by awarding them points, medals and ranks. Being promoted up through the ranks gets progressively harder; with ever increasing levels of contribution needed to be elevated to the next level up.

In recent years, Answerbag introduced its own personal messaging system to bring more of a social networking functionality to the site. While this has met with some veteran member complaints, personal messaging has always been one of the hallmark functions of a social environment, which Answerbag most certainly is with the entire content being user generated. Many great friendships are formed on Answerbag because from the nature of questions people ask, and their answer to these same questions as well as being able to review each memberís profiles to know what they feel on any given topic they have contributed to, it is a powerful way to know who a person really is. That is, when people are offering their expertise on a subject, they are revealing themselves in an honest way as to their attitudes and opinions, their biases if any.
Generally speaking, Answerbag is rich with content covering almost any topic. With its categories and sub-categories all easy to click on from the top menu, even without using the search functions it is very easy to browse any topic of interest a person could have.