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Hire Professionals Included in Angie’s List

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Hire Professionals Included in Angie’s List

With an outstanding number of two million (2,000,000) website viewers, Angie’s List, a local service provider, is considered to be one of the best in what they do. Professionals such as plumbers, painter, nursemaids, handymen, mechanics, medical practitioners, and dentists listed on the page are contacted, interviewed, and hired right away, especially if they possess the qualities needed by customers. Clients who have hired from Angie’s list are encouraged to leave ratings and reviews after the hiring period. The reasons for this are to let the workers know the other ways they could perform in the workplace, and to serve as recommendations to other people who are looking for potential employees in the future. People who hire can share their experience.

Month after month, there are approximately sixty thousand (60,000) reviews, which cannot be anonymous, collected from users of the Angie’s List website. The feedback authors’ information is not posted in public for security purposes.Reviews are based on the hired organization’s productivity, attitude or behavior in the duration of the job, work’s quality, ability to meet the employer’s standards, and even the price range. Amidst making decisions in employment, a person must consider about the reviews and ratings of workers.

Naturally, there are some companies who would be receiving bad and good ratings. Critics are advised to be objective for the reason that it greatly affects the group being evaluated. If the worker garners unpleasant responses, it would lessen the probability of being hired later on. A nice feature of Angie’s List is that the companies are allowed to reply to reviews given to them. Viewers are then presented with the sides of each party–a reasonable system of the website. When both perspectives are displayed, it can give explanations to one’s action and let people understand the motives of the other person.

How to make an account on Angie’s List:

Within minutes, an account can be made on Angie’s List. First and foremost, the future account holder must enter the following URL on an internet browser: The form requires a zip code, an e-mail address, and a password. A person must provide his or her zip code, digits that correspond to a location based on a global positioning system (GPS). The chosen password should at least be six (6) characters short, and cannot exceed fifteen (15) characters. Otherwise, it will be invalid. Any e-mail service is accepted by Angie’s List. Another reason why an e-mail address is asked is because it has the capability of getting messages, stating that the website is having or going to have a special promo or discount. If all the given information is valid, click the orange button “Continue.”

The second step would be which plan to select. If the person has the promo code, merely click on the space asking for it and type it in. There are various plans to choose from: Monthly for $3.75, one (1) year introductory pricing for $29.00, $52.00 for two (2) years, a regular price of $73.00 for three (3) years, and $93.00 for four (4) years. Individuals who will be using PayPal as a payment method will get to save up to twenty (20) percent. After deliberating the type of plan, click the “Next” orange button.

To finish up, the third and last step should be accomplished. For whatever reason, if a person wishes to change his or her plan, s/he can go back with the use of the link provided on the page. Above the form to be filled up is the total amount that should be settled by the person. The soon-to-be Angie’s List account holder can either pay through a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or PayPal that, again, offers a discount of twenty (20) percent. When a credit card payment has been chosen, here are the needed information: The card number, expiration date, security code, and name (as it appears on the credit card). The billing address, on the other hand, asks for the first name, last name, address 1 and 2, city, state, and zip code. The user should accept the membership agreement of Angie’s List by checking the box presented. Click “Submit.”

If a person wants to join and experience the service of Angie’s List, s/he must simply follow the three extremely easy steps.

How does Angie’s List work?

Learning how the website works is not too difficult to understand. In the perspective of an employer, s/he must first determine what kind of professional is needed for the job. Once that is already established, the second process would be to go through reviews and ratings given by the Angie’s List and account holders of the same website. Companies listed on the site are graded using the A (highest) to F (lowest) scale. This step is especially critical because it is the employment stage. The person hiring should give much thought into it by going through the opinions of past employers and considering the ratings. If a professional has been hired and already finished the task, the member is given a chance to write and post his or her experience. Angie’s List shows the reviews to every single person, including the company or professional being evaluated.

Moving on to the point-of-view of a company or professional that has the potential to be hired… They have the chance to confirm and contradict the reports written by the employers by responding on the post. The website is one of the very few who offers that kind of feature. Truly remarkable!

In the event of a problem that is beyond the problem of the employer and hired, Angie’s List will let its Complaint Resolution Team to intervene. It will settle disputes and help provide solutions.

Certified and high-quality are two of the countless pledges of Angie’s List. If a person wants to confirm those notions, s/he may see it for herself or himself by creating an account, reading through company appraisals, and getting the needed work done.