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It is interesting that one of the most popular types of books in the typical American home is actually cooking books or recipe books. Perhaps it is not that unusual that most women when they first marry seek to extend their knowledge about cooking and that they use books to explore different ideas on how to be the best they can be with food preparation; even though there is not much evidence of Americans paying any regard to health and dietary information. That is, while the books may project images of healthy eating with less calories and saturated fats and lower salt or sodium levels, the morbid obesity of such a large number of Americans suggests those pages donít get read as much as the pages that show people how to deep fry fatty meats before pouring melted cheese all over them. Be that as it may, with the Internet so widely used and ubiquitous, it was always going to happen that recipes books found their way to becoming informational web sites filled with all the latest ideas.

Great Taste is Never forgotten at Allrecipes

Allrecipes is exactly that; a web site devoted to all manner of cooking suggestions, recipes and menu planning. Incorporating videos to show how to prepare foods and work with recipes; Allrecipes seeks to help people to be the best they can be. And whilst the member is always free to drench their foods in as much fats and oils as they want, Allrecipes does make a reasonable effort to suggest safer yet just as tasty ways to enjoy their foods to live healthier lives. With the Internet now being web 2.0, Allrecipes is all about you joining for free and as a member enabling you to store all your favorite recipes under your account name. In fact they encourage you to go one step further and to open your own blog under your user name so that you can contribute for other peopleís benefit your own favorite recipes you have developed over the years. And many people do build up quite a following this way as people self select on what styles of eating they have a preference for; either life saving low fat meals that boost energy or the more life threatening saturated fat bombs America is known world wide for.

Pictures, Reviews, Videos, Igredient Lists, Shopping Lists

The Allrecipes makes great use of pictures to show members what the successful result should look like. And just with hard copy printed recipes books, each recipe on Allrecipes lists all the ingredients and the quantity needed for which ever menu item you are looking at. And under each menu item there are memberís reviews available to read which not only comment on how tasty or otherwise the meal was; they often include supplementary advice on additional steps the chef can take to improve the final result. For example, the chef presenting his recipe for rotisserie chicken may have explained everything to an adequate level; but in the comments or reviews area other members may have added further information about tying the wings and arms to the main body of the chicken to prevent them being damaged during the rotisserie process; or they may have added information about the need to catch the fats that inevitably drip off during the cooking. Of particular value is how for each recipe there are several videos associated with that meal that members can watch to more fully understand how they should best proceed with the mealís preparation.

Build Up Your Own Recipe Profile of Favorite Meals

One very helpful use of the Allrecipes web site is that you are able to collect and store your favorite menus. And from that list of stored menus, all you need to do is to click on the recipes you wish to prepare, and the web site will compose your shopping list for you. So assuming you are going to prepare a complex menu of for example eight meals including the appetizers and deserts; all you need to worry about is adding them to your shopping list. The web site takes care of the rest by aggregating the total of all ingredients needed. You donít even need to print the list off; rather just send it to your iPhone or smart phone. In fact you can do the whole thing at the supermarket from your telephone. Just use your phone to log in and use it to build your shopping list.

Menu Planning Becomes Your Shopping List with the Click of a Button

And for the diet conscious; perhaps for weight loss reasons or the need to monitor health and calorie intakes, Allrecipes has its own menu planner where you can map out your next weeksí worth of meals. When you have plotted out what you are planning for the week; just add that menu list to your shopping list and you are ready to make sure you have everything you need on hand. And because there are more than eight million cooks who have added their own contributions to the Allrecipes web site, collectively accounting for well over half a million recipes you will never run out of great ideas for any and every meal for any and every occasion. As you work within your membership and grow your own collection of favorite recipes; you will also notice that you have a fondness for the recipes of particular cooks and so over time you will find yourself becoming part of the community and growing friends who have similar interests. It makes a great deal of sense to actively participate contributing your own feedback and reviews as well as publishing your own creative food endeavors in your personal blog for others to read and enjoy. Food is one of the most enjoyable and yet most critical necessities to sustaining our lives and Allrecipes has done a great job of opening the way for us all to learn more about what and how we should prepare our foods.