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Get a Disposable Email Address Using AirMail

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As internet services grow exponentially, users will continue to be tempted to try out new services to determine whether they would like to use them on a ling term basis. Of course, business owners who run online services also do their best to get people on their mailing list in order to stay in contact with them and market other offers. The fact is, almost every website visited by an internet user invites the person to join its mailing list or makes registration a prerequisite for using its service. The result is a deluge of emails and tons of spam from various sources. Additionally, many business owners use their mailing lists to make money by renting it out to third parties. The question is, how can this be avoided while still using various online services? The answer is disposable emails and these are similar to disposable phone lines as you can use them and simply drop them thereafter without obligations.

AIRMAIL is one of the foremost providers of disposable email service on the internet. It provides internet user with a very solid alternative to dropping their emails on every site they visit online. AIRMAIL was conceptualized to help you fight against the threat of spam mail that has grown on the internet. By using AIRMAIL, you simply sign up to get a random and temporary email address which simply means that after a specific period, the emails simply expire and disappear. You can view your emails in your online browser inbox until they expire. The email is therefore, typically HTML-based but very safe to use. AIRMAIL boasts of having processed close to 600,000,000 email messages (and counting) while it has removed about 449,148,300 spam messages (and counting).

It is also very important to note that AIRMAIL may not work on some online services. This is because certain sites that realize these are temporary addresses which may not have commercial value for them, tend to block such emails. As earlier mentioned, many sites sell or rent out their email lists but this will not be possible with disposable email addresses since they will not last. This practice of selling email addresses of users is one that AIRMAIL stands against thus its tactic of regularly swapping its IP addresses and domain names.

Signing Up to Use AIRMAIL

Considering the nature of the email service provided by AIRMAIL , it is only normal that its signup process be a breeze. It is one of the simplest there is for this very simple reason; you do not have to sign up via any process. You do not have to choose any username and password nor be vetted via any email/phone verification measures. You do not have to provide alternate emails or give profile information at all. In fact, there is NO process for getting an email on AIRMAIL . Simply navigate to the homepage at and click on the ‘Get Temporary Email’button on the page. It is positioned right at the center of the page and at eye-level. Once you click on this button, another page opens which displays your temporary email address e.g. To copy this email address, click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button located to the right of the email address displayed and then paste anywhere you wish to use it e.g., registering on a website.

Costs of using AIRMAIL

AIRMAIL does not charge its users any fees at all. The service is absolutely free to use. It prides itself on being able to help people fight against the threat of spam and intrusion into their privacy. It must be noted however, that maintaining services of this nature requires resources, both physical hardware and virtual. Therefore, AIRMAIL actually solicits for donations to support it and help in various sustenance efforts such as acquiring additional servers etc. AIRMAIL accepts donations from well-meaning people and requests that such donations be made in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin with the wallet number; 17gPe9kWZPz1SWUAg283GrLTb6BjEVAy4J. Using the service is as easy as navigating to the website at and clicking the right buttons without having to make payment of any kind.

Features of AIRMAIL

In spite of being a very simple service to use, AIRMAIL still packs very effective features:

  • Automatic Display of Incoming Mail: You do not have to refresh your webpage to view any new mails. The system automatically checks your email within about 10 seconds interval. It displays your incoming mail automatically.
  • Secure: No one else can access your email without having the link to the webpage. There are no login procedures/passwords therefore no fear of losing access due to forgotten or compromised passwords.
  • Multitask: You will be able to carry on with other tasks while using your computer and check your emails when the incoming mail alert beeps.
  • Disposable: AIRMAIL will continue to deliver emails into your inbox as long as you keep the browser open. However, all messages will be deleted once you close the browser window and it remains closed for 24 hours.
  • HTML Emails: AIRMAIL proxies traffic to its sites through its servers, therefore your IP address is hidden from the email sender as you read your emails.

Benefits of using AIRMAIL

  • Maintain Anonymity: AIRMAIL enables you to sign up for various online services especially the new ones without having to disclose your actual email. This is to allow you gauge how well the service serves you before giving them your regular email address. It also works very well for people who upload files to file-sharing services.
  • Privacy Protection: Unlike regular email services, AIRMAIL does not request for your private and personal details. As such, you can be sure your privacy is protected. In addition, the system deleted logs every 24 hours.
  • Safe Browsing: All emails are displayed in HTML. This prevents instances of viruses being sent via anything embedded within the body of the email. Once you read it, you can copy and paste the send to yourself using your regular email or simply delete.